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Yoga in Les Corts

Already well gone past the stage where you can call it a fitness trend or a fad, yoga is here to stay. Traced back to the sixth century BC in India, yoga is a practice that aims to exercise the mind, body, and soul. Initially linked to religion, it slowly developed into something altogether different, especially with its spread in Europe in the mid 19th century. When practiced at gyms today,  yoga classes focus on the ability to reduce stress, improve mobility and fitness, and provide full body toning. Here is our roundup of the best spaces to practice your downward dog.

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Zama Yoga Centre

Image designed by Pressfoto -

Design by Pressfoto

Located two steps away from the Les Corts metro station, Zama Yoga Centre is the most central to this area. You can try a class for €14, and if this is something for you, there are numerous plans to choose from. Class packages that are valid for 90 days are available but if you decide to pay monthly you can get the same number of classes for a much lower price. The space is ideal for yoga: welcoming, warm, and well lit. Nothing left now but to give it a try!

Address: Gran Via de Carles III, 50 – 52

Bikram Yoga

Another recent development in yoga, hot yoga, has taken the world by storm. Aiming to increase flexibility and reproduce the climate it was originally practiced in, centres that cater to this form of yoga are getting increasingly popular. Bikram Yoga centres certainly know their craft and have opened wfour venues across Madrid and Barcelona. Following a newer branch of yoga practice the studio was named after (Bikram), the classes are comprised of the same 26 postures, in various combinations.

This centre stands out of the crowd with the sheer volume of class plans offered, as well as options of combining your practice with detox plans and on-site massage. This takes the health of the body and soul to a whole new level.

Address: Carrer Caravel·la la Niña 18

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Photo by: Army Medicine via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Photo by Army Medicine via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Focusing on mindfulness and meditation, Siddharta follows the Assan branch of yoga. With a focus on meditative poses, these classes are ideal if you are looking to centre your mind before your body.

The classes offered are spread throughout the day to match any schedule, and if you truly fall in love with the practice and decide to spread the message, you can even train to become a yoga teacher yourself in the centre. All there is left to do is try it!

Address: Carrer de Numància, 70

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