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Ways to clear your head in Barcelona

Ways to clear your head
Written by Paula

Modern life is extremely demanding. Between our jobs, personal lives, errands and responsibilities, there is too much to do and not enough time, which causes us to feel overwhelmed and stressed. This can lead to the appearance of physical and psychological symptoms like pain, irritability or even depression.

It’s important that we learn to organize and prioritize, saving some time to simply stop and relax. Here are some suggestions by ShBarcelona on how to clear your head.


relax barcelonaLearning to meditate is learning a natural way to bring balance to your mind and body. Many people believe that meditation is not a suitable option for them because they simply can’t stop themselves from thinking. Contrary to what many believe, meditation does not require an effort to think of nothing. It is about clearing your mind and allowing the thoughts to come and go without giving importance or focusing on any of them.

Meditation is a great tool for people suffering from anxiety and stress, with a variety of benefits that include the reduction of arterial pressure, improved sleep, and a boost on the immune system.

You can try Meditation in Barcelona at Sri Chinmoy Centre, Sahaja Yoga Barcelona, Centro de Meditación Kadampa Mahakaruma, and Budismo Barcelona.

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Practice Tai Chi Chuan

Ta Chi Chuan is a martial art that can also be used as a form of moving meditation. Created thousands of years ago in China, Tai Chi Chuan is used in the Occident mainly as a way to find mental and physical balance. Tai Chi Chuan works the central nervous system through a variety of soft movements that demand a great deal of concentration.

Tai Chi Chuan is a good tool for people who are looking for some peace of mind. The intricacy of the method’s choreography demands a level of attention that will not allow the person practicing it to think of anything else.  Tai Chi Chuan promotes the balance of emotions, the reduction of blood pressure, increase in energy and the strengthening of the nervous system.

You can try Tai Chi Chuan in Barcelona with the Associación de Tai Chi Taoísta de España, Escuela de Tai Chi Chuan estilo Hun Yan, Cetai, or even through Activa’t, na iniciative created by Ajuntament de Barcelona.


It may sound overly simple, but the truth is that walking is a great way to relax. Before your day starts or at the end of the day, walking in a peaceful setting can help your system calm down, as you take in your surroundings. Instead of thinking, pay attention to simple things like the other people walking on the street, birds flying by, or the way the wind makes the leaves rustle on the trees.


relax barcelonaBarcelona is a city that is blessed with a large coast and beautiful mountains, both excellent locations for you to sit and clear your mind. The peaceful and pleasant view of the beach will help bring peace to your spirit while the ocean’s repetitive sound can be used as your point of focus, so you stay connected to the present moment.

The mountain can also be an excellent place to unwind. Depending on the time you choose to visit it, you can find the perfect spot to sit and enjoy nature’s sounds, while breathing the pure mountain air.

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