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Best Sports Meetups in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Barcelona is as big of a city of sports and exercise as it is of culture. In the past, Barcelona has hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1982, the FIBA World Cup in 2014, the 2003 World Aquatics Championships, and most notably, the 1992 Summer Olympics – the Games of the XXV Olympiad. Annually, it hosts the Barcelona Open, the Barcelona Marathon, and the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix. Barcelona is one massive gym for all sports, permitting many Meetup groups to form and engage in just about every activity there is. Whether it is on one of the beaches, parks, or indoor gymnasiums, locals, expats, and tourists get together to enjoy an exercise session or a fun, friendly match. Here are a few of those Meetup groups that ShBarcelona thinks are worth checking out.

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Barcelona Beach & Sea Sports and Adalis Barcelona Padel Tenis

Photo via Pixabay

Barcelona has plenty of beaches where visitors and residents can enjoy the city’s weather and Mediterranean waters. The beaches are also a great place to enjoy athletics, in volleyball, swimming, tennis, and many other types of sports. Some of the beaches even have exercise machines where you can workout for free! For the past 4 years, the group’s Sun Warriors have held many beach games for everyone. They work in conjunction with Adalis Barcelona Padel Tenis which holds beach tennis meetups. Also check out Barcelona Beach & Sea Sports for fun activities.

Barcelona Casual Runners

Barcelona’s streets have always been a great place to jog in the morning, afternoon, or evening. In the Barcelona Casual Runners Meetup, runners meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm for a good 9 to 11 km run (or walk) up and down different neighborhoods of the city. There is no pressure to do the entire course, you can run as much as you like while enjoying the company of others.

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The Barcelona Hiking & Outdoors Group

Photo via Pixabay

Outside the city lie the Pyrenees Mountains, right on the border with France. It is there where many hikers like to go for some adventurous times, as well as to ski along the resorts on both sides of the border. The Barcelona Hiking & Outdoors Group is where hiking enthusiasts – some of them members of Spain’s and Catalan’s hiking associations – can connect and set up hiking trips every month along the mountainous range not that far from the city.

As you can see, Barcelona is an active place where people love exercising and also socializing. If you are eager to meet new people and to get your body moving, explore the Meetup website and find out more about the sports meetups that are available in the city.

Have you tried one of the Meetup groups yet? What was your impression?

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Brian Susbielles is a freelance writer who loves global politics, foreign movies, and Led Zeppelin

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