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Climbing Montserrat mountain

Written by Adriana

The most emblematic mountain near Barcelona, Montserrat, hosts every year thousands of visitors, hikers, Virgin of the Montserrat Monastery’s devotees (La Moreneta), tourists and climbers. The latter visitors are particularly attracted to this mountain by the many routes of varying difficulty level allowing vertical ascent. It is estimated that more than 25,000 mountain climbers go annually to Montserrat to practice their favorite sport also attracted by the symbolism that emerges from climbing its distinctive and rounded forms, the result of a geological and geomorphological process of millions of years. There are many who after climbing this mountain walls feel a special bond with the landscape and the mountain. We highly recommend that if you want to climb up Montserrat, you consider all safety precautions to avoid accidents or a possible emergency rescue.

Climbing in Catalonia is a sport with a lot of fans, and has recently undergone a major boost thanks to organizations and associations such as the Federación de Entidades de Excursionistas de Cataluña (FEEC) that teach and promote future climbers. Also Internet and social networks have helped to popularize Montserrat posting and showing all kinds of information on the practice of sportive climbing – one of the climbing types that gathers more fans – in their over 5,000 lines and over 1,500 spires.

Vermell del Xincarró

One of the best months to climb up Montserrat mountain is coming, October, and those who want to come to it should do it well prepared and with all the information, also for hiking or climbing through the so-called “vías ferratas”. The area receiving more climbers is the southern face of Montserrat (too hot in summer), with areas like the Vermell del Xincarró, the Desdentegada, the Cova de l’Arcada, Can Jorba, or the spire of the Senglar and la Tonsura. There are some other scalable areas such as Gorros, Sant Benet, el Castell, el Clot del Boixar, la Palomera or the Clot de la Mònica.

There is a strict regulation that establishes the mandatory rules visitors have to follow to preserve endangered species living in the ecosystem of the mountain itself. For example, there are times of the year during which some birds are mating, which forbid climbing at certain areas. There are 300€ penalties if you disobey the regulation.

From ShBarcelona we expect you to follow all the recommendations and in case of doubt, always seek experts advice on the websites linked in this article. Oh, and we also hope you enjoy a fabulous day of climbing!

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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