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Why Join a Gym in Barcelona?

Written by Julie-Anne

So you’ve just arrived to Barcelona and you have all these great intentions to make the most of the non-stop sunshine. You’re going to go to the beach everyday, go for long runs to all the city’s sights and take refreshing swims in the afternoon. However, the reality for most of us is that those runs slow to wanders pitted by coffee stops and the daily swims become a 30 second dip when the hours of baking in the sun get too much. So as much as we want to enjoy the best that Barcelona has to offer, if one is to maintain that beach body to match that new tan, there may have to be an alternative solution.Gym2

You might have noticed all those active people on the streets, the ones whizzing by you on rollerblades and splashing you on surfboards while you try your best to stay afloat. Barcelona is an active city and if your experiences of other gyms are depressing sweat factories with varied instruments of torture, then you’re in for a surprise. You should join a gym and here’s why.

Exercise can be fun!

Most gyms have a wide range of fitness classes included in their membership. Take the pain out of working out with a Zumba or dance class, warm up with some yoga or up the tempo with a body combat class (think martial arts training without the contact). Classes are offered at different fitness levels and run from early morning to late at night with some gyms offering classes on the weekends.

Gym1Work out and Tan!

Sun training brings the class outside so you can work out and work on your tan. A lot of gyms have an outdoor space that they utilise for summer classes. Most gym memberships include full access to gym, pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. If you are unsure what is good for you, avail of the in-house fitness trainers to create your ideal personalised work out programme.

Improve your Spanish!

Also if you want to work on your Spanish, attending classes is a great way to learn by doing, expand your vocabulary and meet some new friends in an upbeat friendly atmosphere. So what are you waiting for, dig out your neon lycra and get ready for a new Barcelona experience.

Can Ricart CEM

Can Ricart located in El Raval is a state run gymnasium set up by Barcelona city council. They offer a 30 day membership for tourists at €86. This includes full access to over 30 weekly classes, gym, pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. Daily, monthly and yearly memberships are also available.


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Julie-Anne is an experienced Chef and Entrepreneur in Gastronomy Tourism, Promotion and Development.

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