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Top fitness classes for women

Written by Paula

Summer is coming and everyone is rushing to get their bodies ready for the swimsuit season. There are several ways to get in shape in Barcelona. Here are some of the top fitness classes for women:



fitness1Pilates is a form of exercise that values the balanced development of the body through the strengthening and increased muscular flexibility.

Some of the main benefits of Pilates are: shaping and toning the body, reduction of pain and stress, fracture prevention, an increase in physical coordination and posture improvement.

There are several places in Barcelona where you can practice Pilates. Here are some of the options:

Dona 10

Centre Pilates Barcelona

Dynamic Pilates

Balance Studio

Fisi yoga & Pilates



Yoga is a form of exercise that comes with many benefits. It helps you improve your flexibility, build muscle strength, increase your self-esteem, prevent IBS and other digestive problems, it perfects your posture, betters your bone health, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, eases pain, improves your balance, relaxes your system, increases your blood flow, drains your lymphs and boosts immunity, releases tension in your limbs, helps you sleep better, increases your heart rate, drops your blood pressure, regulates your adrenal glands, makes you happier, helps you focus, lowers blood sugar, founds a healthy lifestyle, maintains your nervous system.

There are different studios offering different styles of yoga around the city:



Ashtanga Yoga BCN

Yoga Studio Barcelona

Yoga Bindu



Spinning is a form of exercise practiced using a stationary bicycle. It is a good way to burn calories, build muscle tone, increase your cardio endurance and relieve stress.



Aerobics can help better cardiac function, reduce stress and anxiety, increase levels of good HDL cholesterol in the blood, it improves cardiovascular function and muscle health, increases body resistance, helps lose weight and improves the immune system.


Body Pump

Body Pump is form of exercise in which you train with weights. It is an effective way to burn calories and build muscle.



Zumba is a class done to the sound of upbeat music that can help you lose weight, tone your body, relieve stress, improve coordination, better your mood and improve self-confidence.

These four forms of exercise can be practiced in some of the most popular gyms in Barcelona:

fitness 3Eurofitness

Holmes Place 




Make sure to check which branches have the classes you are looking for.

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