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Pilates in Barcelona: SimplyBePilates

Written by Paula

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to start exercising every day. While people may feel excited when coming up with that idea, they frequently lack the motivation when it’s time to put it in practice. Going for a run in January’s cold weather? Forget about it!

If this sounds like you, you may prefer to start slowly. Why not try Pilates, a method that has millions of followers all around the world?

ShBarcelona went to Eixample’s SimplyBePilates studio to try out a class for you.

Doing Pilates at SimplyBePilates

When you enter the studio, you are welcomed by Devorah, your Pilates instructor. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, reminding you of an old apartment, which helps you to start feeling relaxed.

There is no need to worry about your level of Spanish, SimplyBePilates usually has students from all over the world. The classes are sometimes taught in English and sometimes in Spanish, depending on the language of the people who are attending.

The Pilates class

Classes at SimplyBePilates last one hour and are taught in small, 6 to 8 people groups. This helps to create that cozy feeling when first entering the studio.

When the participants have removed their shoes, placed them in the lockers and set their mats down, the class is ready to start. Devorah gives the students a small introduction on Pilates. Balance and maintenance are the key words in this form of exercise, which relies heavily on breathing and good body posture.

The goal of Pilates is to perform specific exercises in a soft manner, not to perform rough movements that are meant to work too many muscles at once. Devorah is very delicate with her students and will not hesitate to correct your movements or posture so that you reap the full benefits of the class.

Intermediate, beginner or advanced, SimplyBePilates teaches classes with different intensities, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The studio also teaches pre-natal and post natal Pilates. You can have group classes or one on one classes. When the weather becomes warmer, some of the classes are taught outside, which can be very pleasant.

SimplyBePilates information

At SimplyBePilates you can also take yoga classes or have therapeutic massages. If you want to visit the studio and test one of the classes, you can do so for the price of 7€. The price you pay for classes depends on what your goals are. You can choose private lessons, group lessons, to pay a monthly fee or buy a package with a certain number of classes. You can consult prices on SimplyBePilatesofficial website.

For more information please contact the studio using the email address or by phone at +34 644 316 850.

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