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Easy Essay Tips for a Better Application

Written by Enrique

try thisApplying for MBA programs can prove to be extremely stressful and time consuming. Especially since this is a very important decision that will most likely dictate the remainder of your collegiate career. In order to maximize the amount of time and resources that will prove to be necessary for a successful application, several techniques must come into play. It is also crucial to know what to avoid in order to maximize your probabilities of becoming accepted. Here are some important tips that may help ease the application process as well as to help you see what exactly you need.

Get Started

The ESADE MBA program is the perfect program for students that require fewer than two years out in the job market. This program offers a 12-month, 15-months, and 18-month flexible programs in order to accommodate your specific needs. However, because this program is extremely flexible it is highly competitive to you want to make sure you tackle all of the necessary aspects right away and as best as possible. Don’t worry though, this will definitely help get on the right track or at least provide you with a little insight on what to do and what to expect.

Set Up For Success

First and foremost attach your CV or resume. This portion is particularly important because this document will allow you to describe your accomplishments during each position. This is crucial when someone is trying to understand your background as well as to see what exactly you are made of.

dontThe second and probably most important part of your application process is your personal essay. This portion of your application grants you the opportunity to stand out. Here you are able to describe everything you have been through and everything that you intend to do with the knowledge that you will obtain during the program. In the personal essay you will have to answer a series of questions. Each question is limited to 2000 characters including spaces so you have to make sure that everything you say is concise and to the point. It is also important to describe important changes and hardships that have either helped you become more situated in life or perhaps have caused a serious or dramatic change for the better. It is important to understand that the personal essay is not to be mistaken for an opportunity to rant but rather an opportunity to make yourself stand out from the remainder of the applicants. Regardless of what your story is make sure to give it your all and we wish you a happy and nonchalant application process.

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