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10 good reasons to be a freelancer in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the country’s economic heart. With its international reputation, it attracts an increasing number of expatriates in search of beneficial conditions to exercise their activity.

Here are 10 reasons to move to Barcelona if you are a freelancer.

Reaching a brand new range of clients

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

You will have no trouble getting new clients. There are many web agencies in Barcelona and they are always looking for new talent. If you travel a lot, having a clients portfolio in every country is the best way to do businessFreelance translators would be interested to know that the one of the biggest translation agencies worldwide,, has an office in Barcelona. You can also apply for online translation agencies. Whether you are a freelance web developer, Photoshop editor or writer, you can work in the tourism industry, make the most of your talent in one of the numerous startups in the city or telecommute from Barcelona via, or

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Barcelona is the best city for networking

If you decide to settle in Barcelona for a few months, a year or more, you will find out that people who live here come from all backgrounds. The northern Europeans appreciate the mild climate, the French enjoy this destination to set up a business, and businessmen from around the world strive to attend conferences. Heaps of freelance workers have decided to take up residence in the Catalan capital. As a result, the expat network in Barcelona is quite large, which means professional meetings occur more frequently. You will create new contacts in no time!

Coworking spaces abound

Photo via Visual hunt

Photo via Visual hunt

Working on your own can be a source of social isolation. So why not collaborate with other independent professionals, as SEOs specialists, web designers or consultants with whom you can exchange ideas, discuss your plans over coffee, and take advice from. Coworking spaces are common in Barcelona and offer all the benefits of brainstorming and synergy.

Great universities

It is no coincidence that Spain, and Barcelona in particular, is one of the favourite destinations for French Erasmus students. They choose this destination to get the training they need to claim better-paid jobs. Barcelona also offers a number of internationally renowned universities to get an MBA. Training opportunities are abundant so you can easily sharpen your knowledge. Be aware that it is not necessary to speak Catalan since these courses are often taught in English and Spanish.

Most of bars and restaurants offer free Wifi

Why be locked in an office when you can wander around the city, looking for inspiration in the streets before stopping at a café offering WiFi access? This way of working can bring a lot of distractions. It is therefore not advisable to do it every day, but this will allow you to step out of the daily routine and finish your work while waiting for your friends. You can also sit in a bar near the beach; there is nothing alike if you are lacking inspiration.

Barcelona has the best climate

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

All freelancers and cyber nomads will tell you the same story: why settle in a country where winter is harsh when one can work from any location, preferably in a city or a country with a pleasant climate all year round? Stepping in Barcelona, at first glance, one might wonder why the apartments do not have heating. After a few months, we soon realise that we do not need it. The annual average temperature in Barcelona is 15.4 ° C. In the warmer months, it reaches 30°C while the minimum in winter is usually 4°C.

You can balance work and sport

Are you a Yoga aficionado? A hiking fan? Keen on water sports like paddleboard or windsurf? Passionate about skiing? Playing soccer or volleyball on Sunday? Barcelona awaits. Located between the sea and the mountains, the city offers many opportunities for sports of every kind throughout the year.

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Barcelona: the mobility city

No need to own a car or a scooter in Barcelona. The city is vast indeed, but you will find that owning a car is unnecessary and can be very complicated as parking spaces are lacking. Do not worry, Barcelona has a very efficient public transportation network. Need to go somewhere fast? You will have no trouble hailing a taxi. Limited budget? Take either the subway or the bus to go where you want. Are you more athletic? Buy a yearly subscription and use a bicycle to explore every corner of the city. You can also simply walk around.

The accommodation market is booming

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Unlike most European cities, where you must sign a 1 to 3 years lease, in Barcelona, it will be easy to find accommodation for the duration of your stay. Renting an apartment has many advantages, the main one being to feel at home and be able to invite friends over to dinner. But if your budget does not allow it, go for a shared house, stay in a hostel or move into a friend’s flat. Easy!

Great tax conditions for freelancers

Far from being a tax heaven, the Spanish tax system is more beneficial than in other European countries for independent workers. The entrepreneur in Spain is not subject to corporation tax. He also has financial benefits and many expenses are deductible and attributable to his company.

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