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Japanese Panel Shops in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Japanese panels are a modern and minimalist accent that can dress any type of room or setting. They are not only perfect for Japanese settings like sushi bars or massage spas, but for homes as well. Their ability to separate spaces within a room makes them a useful design for studio apartments in particular. Here are a few places where you can find Japanese panels in Barcelona.

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Photo by Caubarrere Piché via Visualhunt

Solart is a Barcelona-based online business that ships various styles of panels to homes and offices. For their Japanese panels, staff will come to install the rails of up to five panels, built with aluminum and painted in white or gray. The panels are sixty or eighty centimeters in width and overlap each other to avoid spaces between the fabric. The panels can be opened by a cord or manually by moving each panel on both sides of the window. They use different types of fabric from transparent or translucent to opaque varieties. The most popular fabric is the Screen, which is thermal and has appealing technical and fireproof qualities. It helps shield the floor, appliances, and furniture from direct sunlight.

Solart can even combine different types of fabrics and colors or print photographs digitally on the panels for a more personal touch. They are proud of producing panels that reflect the personality and creativity of their clients.

Cortines Vallès

Photo by Marco Bellucci via Visualhunt

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