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Top 3 Pilates classes in Sant Marti

Written by Emma

Pilates has become an incredibly popular choice of exercise, with over 11 million people practicing this technique worldwide. This exercise is highly effective in toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles, perfect for getting your tummy beach-ready for summer. Barcelona as a city has particularly taken on this trend, with 71 gyms and centers offering classes. For those in the Sant Marti area there are still dozens to choose from, so here’s a list of the top 3 Pilates classes held in sunny Sant Marti.

Yogapilates BCN postural fitness

Pilates ClassThis studio has been given a 5-star rating. Yogapilates BCN postural fitness offers a fantastically knowledgeable and personalized service. The classes are kept small, giving the instructors a chance to pay close attention to each of their clients. With their specialization in postural fitness, the staff quickly observe any mistakes you may be making or point out areas where you could improve on an individual basis. Another benefit to the small classes is that there’s a really friendly atmosphere, emulating from the warm and fun staff, to all those taking part. You’ll find a motivated gym buddy at Yogapilates BCN without even trying. On top of all of that, the studio boasts pretty views of beautiful Sant Marti, making the whole Pilates experience a pleasant one. Yogapilates BCN really know their stuff, so with a bit of hard work you are likely to get the results you want, whether it be better posture, more flexibility, or a stronger, more toned core. If you feel you may benefit from a one on one service, Yogapilates BCN offer personal promotion plans that include monitoring sessions and customized plans and exercises, at the reasonable price of €185. This fitness center has a decent timetable with an evening class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, alongside morning and afternoon classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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DiR Castillejos

DiR Castillejos is a much larger fitness center offering a huge variety of exercise classes and equipment. While you may miss out on the personalized service as standard within a class, DiR Castillejos still offer one on one, or couple classes to focus on you and your needs as an individual. Another benefit to this larger center is that it holds an impressive catalog of Pilates equipment, including Cadillacs and reformers, great additional tools for giving your Pilates workout more variety and being able to cover more areas. If you are interested in Pilates for the purpose of improving back pain, then DiR Castillejos would be the perfect choice for you, as this fitness center offers physiotherapy and osteopathy services as well as massage sessions – though you don’t need a bad back to indulge in that one. Another few selling points for DiR Castillejos is that they offer a free first trial lesson through the simple sending of an email, and their opening hours are much longer, starting at 6:30 am and closed at 10:45pm.

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Pilates Diagonal

Pilates ballThis Pilates studio is the most expensive on this list, however, you will still be getting a good deal. If you are serious about Pilates and you’re interested in getting real results, this fitness center holds the highest credentials, with excellent, professional staff from many different backgrounds. The instructors are passionate teachers, with qualifications including professional physiotherapists, professional dancers and INEF graduates. The range of expertise within the staff result in a deep pool of knowledge and different teaching styles, so you can figure out what works best for you. Pilates Diagonal promotes fitness and Pilates as part of a lifestyle and a tool to improve not only your physicality but also your mind. This studio has a great wholesome energy about it that you won’t find in just any fitness center. You can really feel the passion and love for Pilates coming from the instructors, which makes the classes extremely enjoyable and interesting. The classes at Pilates Diagonal are also kept small, with group classes holding just 4 – 5 people. You can opt for a package of 3 sessions for €100, a weekly morning classes at €60 per month or a weekly afternoon class at €80 per month.

Whichever Pilates class you decide to go for you will be getting top notch service from some of the best instructors in Barcelona.

What do you want from a Pilates class?

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