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How to rent a F.C.Barcelona membership card

Written by Paula

The scalping of tickets to football games has always been popular. In order to control it, authorities started imposing heavy fines, which successfully reduced this unlawful activity. However, it is still possible to rent F.C. Barcelona’s membership card. It is a good way to make money for those who have the card and to save money for those who want to rent. Here, we show you show what you have to do if you want to rent F.C. Barcelona’s membership card.

Mil Anuncios

fcbarcelonaIf you do some research online, you will see that websites like Mil Anuncios and Vibbo have several ads for those who want to rent the card. There are those who decide to rent out their membership card available for rent for a whole season and those who will only rent it for a couple of days, in exchange for money.

Buying tickets with good seats in Camp Nou for an entire season costs about 800€. If you want a card to watch all the games that will happen in Camp Nou, which gives you the right to enter some competitions, the price can go up to 1000€.

There are people who are interested in renting the card only for a specific match or zone. If you are thinking of renting out your card or looking for one to rent, browse Mil Anuncios to learn what you find.


Vibbo is perhaps the website with the most straightforward ads. Most of the offers at Vibbo refer to renting the card for an entire season, rather than loose matches.

Rent out your card

fcbarcelonaIf you happen to have an F.C. Barcelona’s membership card but for some reason can’t use it, or if you simply want to earn some money out of the matches you won’t go to, you can use F.C. Barcelona’s website. That way, you will receive a fair amount of money for your card.

If you are a great F.C. Barcelona’s fan, why not pay a visit to their store, to purchase some official F.C.B. gear?

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