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Rollerskating in Barcelona!

Written by Adriana

Warm weather is back to Barcelona and everyone feel like going out for a walk whether walking, biking, skating, rollerskating or rollerblading. In this article, we show you some of the best areas to put on your roller skates or your rollerblades and get fit while having a day enjoying the sunshine. If you love practicing sports or want to start skating and you are staying in one of our rental apartments in Barcelona, you won’t find a better plan for the weekend than this and a better city than Barcelona to do it.

rollerblading barcelonaPaseo maritime (promenade)

This kilometer-long promenade next to the sea that goes from the Barceloneta beach to the Forum, is ideal for those who want to get tanned while practicing sports. You also take a break in the middle of it and enjoy the view or a soda on a terrace, or you even can go for a refreshing bath in the sea if the weather is warm enough. The large number of walkers who are also having a fun time or getting relaxed in the promenade can get into your path in this area, so we recommend you to have patience and go carefully. If you want to watch how would be to rollerskate in Barcelona’s promenade you can have a look at Shakira’s video “Loca”.

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A little further from the city center, this area is ideal for rollerblading with fewer people around but with many more cars, which go along this important avenue of Barcelona. It extends from the Plaza Francesc Macia to the Zona Universitaria and is frequented by locals who go for a run, a bike ride or skating.


This city’s immense space that has been left for holding fairs, music festivals and other events that should move away from the city center, is ideal for beginners who want to improve their performance or their tricks. The esplanade under giant solar panels is perfect even for more experts tricks, jumps and pirouettes.

Gran Via Carlos III

This wide walk that changes its name as its route extends from Avenida Diagonal to Plaça Ildefons Cerdà has a slight slope, so we only recommend it for expert rollerskaters. If you live in a nearby area and meet this requirement won’t find many people in this area so you can skate safely.

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Parallel Avenue

Although this broad avenue has only bike lines which aren’t a good path for rollerskaters, many of them use it to go to the Barcelona’s promenade, to go working or from one point to another in the city. It also has a slight slope, so if you aren’t too good on wheels, we recommend that you don’t take the chance to have an accident on Paral·lel Avenue. Go by public transportation or walking.

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