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Leisure and Culture

Sport facilities and gyms in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

If you like to be fit and do sports, one of the first things that you will want to find out when you get to Barcelona will be which sports facilities and gyms are located near your home or workplace. If you want to save some money, we advise that you stick to the municipal facilities, but if you prefer to get in shape in a more “luxurious” place there are relatively affordable gyms in all areas of Barcelona.

Piscines Picornell

Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Piscines Picornell has three swimming pools located on the Montjuïc Olympic “Anillo”, one indoor, one outdoor open during the summer months, and one for jumping competitions. This last pool has been the scene of numerous commercials and music videos, such as “Slow” by Kylie Minogue. In these facilities, they offer regular swimming courses, synchronized swimming courses, water polo courses, and various aquatic activities. Piscines Picornell also has a gym and a sauna area.

Address: Avinguda del Estadi, 30-38

Gimnasios DiR

There are 18 DiR gyms in Barcelona, each one ofering high-level sports facilities. All DiR centers have a pool, a fitness room, a wellness area, aerobic classes, yoga and pilates classes included in the fee and a large number of professionals at your disposal. Although theses centers can be kind of expensive, there have a variety of affordable monthly deals to suit all budgets. DiR gyms are some of the most popular in all Barcelona districts so they will be a little crowded sometimes.

Address: Various locations across the city

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Centro Deportivo Municipal Can Ricart

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Centro Deportivo Municipal Can Ricart is a municipal gymnasium with very good fees, located in the heart of the Raval. They have excellent facilities, an indoor pool, and they engage in a lot of activities to promote sports and physical activity among their users. Despite this being a center with a lot of members, it is quite large, which means that you can usually enjoy the exercise you choose without having to wait a long time to start. If you live in the area of Sant Antoni or Paral-lel, or if you work in the center, Centro Deportivo Municipal Can Ricart is a good choice for you.

Address: Carrer de Sant Oleguer, 10

Piscina Sant Jordi

Piscina Sant Jordi is a municipal facility that includes an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness/wellness area. Here, they offer a number of classes like at aerobics, GAP (glutes, abs and legs), and Pilates, among many others. Due to its location in the center of Barcelona, surrounded by schools, shops and offices, it is usually a pretty crowded center. If you prefer to practice sports in a quiet space, you might want to consider other options on our list, but if what you are more concerned about are the type of facilities offered and your budget, then Piscina Sant Jordi is an affordable option for you.

Location: Calle Paris, 114

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Club Metropolitan

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Club Metropolitan has some of the largest sports, health and wellness centers in Spain and there are several of them in Barcelona. These clubs are the most luxurious of all of the centers listed in this article. They are unique for their design and architecture, and also for offering massages in their spa area and having excellent customer service. Users and members of these clubs can enjoy a relaxing experience while they get fit with comfort, but they will have to pay a little more than at the centers mentioned above.

Address: Various locations across the city


GymForLess is a great choice for people who don’t know for how long they will be able to stay active and don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of signing a year-long contract. They have a great network of gyms in Barcelona, and they offer three membership plans, Basic, Premium, and Gold, which you can choose from, depending on your goals and how much you want to spend.

Address: Various locations across the city

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