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Preparing Your House For Fall

Written by Laura

Fall is getting closer, and with it comes days of rain, lower temperatures and earlier nightfall. It’s the prelude to the harsher and darker days of winter, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact, it’s a perfect time to reflect and enjoy the warmth of our homes. For this reason, it’s important to prepare your home so you have a comfortable place to spend long days inside. In this article from ShBarcelona, we will talk about how to prepare your house for the fall. You won’t want to miss this!

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Making your house cozy for the fall

Photo via Pixabay

Our first advice is that you clean along the way as you change out your wardrobe, so you’ll have more space in the back to store your things that is free of dust and mites that that may have accumulated throughout the year. When changing out your wardrobe, it’s best to choose clothes that you’re certain you’ll wear so as not to overflow your closet. It’s easier to use your closet when it’s not bursting with clothes, and besides, we all have specific pieces that we almost always wear, as well as things that we know we never wear. It can also be helpful to have quilts, duvets, bedspreads, blankets and rugs on hand in case you end up needing them on especially cold nights. Having them clean and ready for use keeps you from having to wait when you want to snuggle up under a warm blanket or put your bare feet on a soft rug.

Next, we recommend completing a scrupulous cleaning of your home in order to get rid of any leftover dust or mites, which can become dangerous for those with allergies when they are allowed to continue thriving in the house. It’s also important to collect awnings, umbrellas and other things that create shade for your terrace or balcony that might be ruined in the rain and other bad weather, since you won’t really need sun protection in the upcoming months anyway. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to check your radiator and heater and clean them out if necessary. This way, you can be sure they’re ready to use when you need to warm up your home a bit.

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Photo via VisualHunt

In order to make your house more comfortable in the fall, it’s also a good idea to change out your curtains. Thicker and darker curtains do two things for your home: they keep existing heat inside and also provide and generate more warmth. Adding curtains to a room that already has blankets, cushions and rugs adds a warmer and more elegant touch to the decor. Neutral colors combined with warmer colors like maroon, dark orange, burgundy and even dark green are without a doubt excellent choices. Blankets made from smooth, nice material are the crown jewel of sofas in the fall and winter, where you can snuggle up and seek refuge in the cold days ahead. Resting your feet on a soft rug is one of the other joys of fall days, so for these items, we recommend choosing natural rather than synthetic materials, as they are better and more sustainable.

What do you think of our suggestions for preparing your home for fall? Is there something else you’d recommend?

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