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INTERVIEW to Samuel Urribarri, our long-term rentals manager

Written by Adriana

When we say that our team of highly qualified professionals will help you find the rental apartment that best suits your needs and tastes, we really mean it. And the proof is a member of our small-large “family” of ShBarcelona, Samuel Urribarri, a Venezuelan but living in Barcelona for a while now, which is responsible for welcoming those looking for an apartment in Barcelona for a long term. These are usually those who come to study a master from abroad or from another Spanish city, or moving to Barcelona for work, for example. We are aware that during your stay in this wonderful city, your accomodation will determine if it will be a pleasant experience in a way, so we try to give much importance to the selection of the apartment in which you are going to live this long term. Samuel led the team that makes this process to be a success…

ShBarcelonaWhat is your job in ShBarcelona?

I am the Manager of the department of long term rentals.

What has been your career until getting to ShBarcelona and how has been your experience within the agency?

I came to Barcelona 13 years ago from Venezuela and for several years, as most immigrants do, I worked in different areas (catering, construction, etc.).

I decided to start studying at Barcelona business school and I specialized in business management and marketing. I started working in ShBarcelona three years ago, and I’m constantly motivated to be a better person and professional as I daily work with wonderful people (my colleagues and the clients). Being part of a team that focuses its efforts on transparency, motivates me and draws me professionally. Knowing that people are most important to us and help them get what they need, is what gives me more joy and personal and professional satisfaction.

What do you like the most about Barcelona?

Barcelona-BiciThe best of Barcelona for me are the many options you have to enjoy life, you can enjoy the beach and the mountains without leaving the city even you can go from the beach to the mountains jogging, rollerblading, walking or cycling. The city has many parks where you can spend the afternoon enjoying the tranquility and even attend to great street performances without cost.

And the thing you love the least about this city?

Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella

I have spent many years living in Barcelona and I feel like this is my home, I can’t say that I don’t like something of my own home…

What recommendations do you usually give to the clients who come to Barcelona and rent one of the ShBarcelona long-term apartments?

I encourage them to enjoy the city, I invite them to walk around the Gothic quarter and throughout Ciutat Vella, to go to the city parks like the Parc del Laberint d’Horta and Parc de la Ciutadella.

You can always count on us to get some advise and make your life in Barcelona much better.

Blai Street

Blai Street

And finally, could you reveal a secret place that tourists don’t usually visit or get to know when in Barcelona?

In Poble Sec, there is a street called Blai, is a street full of bars where they make delicious and cheap tapas, during weekends young people use to go there, it is very close to downtown and has many possibilities to have lot of fun and eat some good Spanish food.

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