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Madrid – Barcelona / Barcelona – Madrid

Written by Paula

Barcelona and Madrid are two of the most important cities in Spain. If you are planning to come to Spain to visit one of the cities, you could take the opportunity to also visit the other. Since travelling inside Spain is cheaper than flying in from another country, visiting more than one city in one trip is a great way to save some money.

There are several options for travelling between Barcelona and Madrid. To choose the ideal one for you, you should take into account the price and duration of the ride/flight between the two cities.


mbm3Taking the bus from one city to the other is the option that will take you the longest. But it is also one of the best choices to see the scenery. The eight-hour ride will give you the opportunity to get to know various landscapes as you make your way to Barcelona or Madrid.

Alsa is the main bus company travelling between the two cities, with prices that range between 30 and 50€.

The ticket includes free wi-fi, headphones, magazines, newspapers and water. Depending on the price of the ticket and the service you choose, the bus will also offer drinks and food. Every bus is air-conditioned and equipped with a bathroom.


If you are not a fan of flying, taking the train could be a good option. The duration of the ride is much shorter than the one by bus, lasting close to three hours. Unlike buses and planes, trains usually have enough space for you to get up and walk for while if you feel the need to move.

The main train company in Spain is Renfe, which offers prices between 30€ and 100€ to travel between Madrid and Barcelona. Be sure to check all the details of the trip before buying your ticket since there are some trains that can take up to nine hours to travel between the two cities.


mbm1The cheapest way to travel between Madrid and Barcelona by plane is using the services of Vueling. The Spanish low-cost airline based at El Prat de Llobregat offers flights that can go as low as 29,99€ for a one-way ticket. The trick is to buy the ticket with time. If possible, buy your tickets months before your actual trip. Prices also vary according the season. This is the fastest way to travel between the two cities, with flights that last around one hour and a half.

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