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Living in Barcelona

Cheap Decoration Stores in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

We all like to have the apartment decorated in a simple way. Our house is our temple, the place where we relax, where we feel safe, where we meet with our loved ones. And, of course, we like to make our own style, our essence. As in fashion, there are dozens of decorative trends that can represent us, but the design is generally synonymous with expensive. That pure white nuclear sofa that you see every day in the showcase of the store when you return from work is your dream fulfilled, but when you dare to enter and ask the price, you almost lose consciousness. But do not be discouraged, in ShBarcelona we have compiled some cheap decoration stores that will make you have the house look nice for much less.

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Table of Contents

La Sofatería

Photo via Pexels

Sofas, sofas, and more sofas. If you are looking for the sofa of your dreams and do not know where to go, La Sofía is the place. Designed as if it were an art gallery, this sofa boutique will allow you to find any imaginable style and its careful setting will make you not want to leave without wanting to take one. Colors, fabric, and the look of the sofa will make you wonder what matches what because the amount of couches they have is a puzzle with multiple fitting answers. The quality-design-price ratio is very good and all this together with its variety makes it one of the most interesting furniture, let alone sofa stores in Barcelona. If you want to stop by, you can do it on Calle Joan Güell 220 and if you want to browse their website you can do it here.

Photo via Pixabay


Many times, we forget that the bathroom can also be a space for innovation and become a place of calm and relaxation where the elements combine with each other (especially when the area is used for other things to keep us clean and sanitary). How many times have you visited a friend and envied their super Nordic designed living room in neutral colors and with a bioethanol fireplace? That person is already in charge of giving you an accelerated course of Scandy Style, named after Scandinavia obviously, which has a distinguished stone color of a mundane gray, and then the bathroom and it has the same tiles as that of a fashionable interior designer. Check out Debany, where it features all the necessary accessories to be able to show off the most spectacular bathroom at affordable prices. It is located on Ronda General Miter 135.

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Photo by Gareth1953 All Right Now via Visual Hunt / CC BY

If there is something that gives a special touch to any room, it is a nice rug. Carpets there are many, of an infinity of styles, colors, textures, and forms. A good rug can change the look of a room and print the personality you are looking for your home. Allergists should not fear, there are carpets of short hair, vinyl, and even anti-mite treatment. In addition to providing design, the carpets transform a space into another cozy setting, adding warmth and comfort. In the living room, in a child’s room, or even in the bathroom, put a rug in. If we have convinced you, you can give yourself a virtual tour of RugVista, a specialist in carpets of all styles of excellent quality. There are for all prices, of all sizes and shapes and for all spaces. Do not miss the offers they usually have throughout the year. They only sell online.

Do you like the decoration? Do you have any other cheap decoration shop that you can recommend to us?


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