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Whats the deal on Mobile Phones in Barcelona

Written by James

These days most people would never consider leaving to live in a new city without first taking care of one of the most important issues in today’s living – a way of keeping their Smartphone or tablet in touch with the rest of the world.

Not only in Barcelona but anywhere using Mobile appliance in any format with a Sim card from your country of origin is an undoubted recipe for financial disaster. That means that the first step that most people should make when arriving in Barcelona with the intention of staying fairly long-term is to restore their contact with the rest of the world at a price they can afford.

Either before, during or after your accommodation problems have been taking care of by the nice people at ShBarcelona take some time to check out the many mobile phone shops in Barcelona, some of them affiliated to the international groups such as Vodafone or Orange, simply walk around for a better deal at some of the privately owned mobile phone stores dotted around the city. If you want to be spoiled for choice pop in to El Corte Inglés, which offers one of the largest selections of mobile phones and tablets in the city.

If you are on a tight budget there is also possible to buy (or bring with you) an unlocked phone. If you know your way around the city a little, you may be able to pick up a reasonable secondhand bargain worth your not that keen on the idea buy a new one that is not affiliated with any of the major international service providers.

Once you have your new mobile phone or tablet in your hand the next stage is getting hooked up to a mobile connection which can be fairly straightforward and inexpensive. All that is involved is buying a Spanish SIM card and you’re ready to go. You can always hang on to your local SIM card if you plan to live between two cities , and it only takes a moment or two to switch them, according to your location.

Once you’re hooked up, the final stage in getting connected is to enter the PIN number which you are mobile service provider will have giving you, and unless you’re really fluent in Spanish, the first and most obvious days will be to switch the operating language to your mother tongue.

There will be a few hassles using a mobile device in Spain, because, in general, all of the messages that come through your service provider will be in Spanish, including alerts that you have received texts and voicemail messages. If you can get the person who sold you the service to give you a brief explanation of how to overcome these barriers, it will make life that bit easier. Looking at the bigger picture, having a mobile device of your very own in Barcelona will make life that much easier and better.

There is little doubt that someone who wants to get the best out of living in Barcelona will enjoy the experience much more by being able having contact with new friends in the city, as well as old friends in the old through their mobile phone. Before the Barcelona experience can properly get underway the first step will o be finding them a place to live, a task made so much easier . There are plenty of good apartments to rent in Barcelona and the best place to find them is at ShBarcelona. There you will find a friendly staff that speak your language and know exactly what’s available in the city, even if you’re thinking long-term or just looking for a holiday rental apartment with ShBarcelona. Whatever your needs you can be sure that ShBarcelona will be there for you.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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