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Traveling with a smartphone

Traveling with a smartphone
Written by Michael

Smartphones? Pah! Why would you want to lug one of those around when you are traveling.

Well, take it from a seasoned (read as: old) traveler, a smartphone certainly has its advantages when you are constantly on the move.

Smartphone, omnipresent when travelling

Whether you are travelling for business (boooo) or pleasure (hoorah), these somewhat annoyingly omnipresent little devices can be extremely useful. Especially if you are somewhere where there are no obvious internet cafes, or public phones.

Just on this one little device you have all your contacts, emails, internet access, maps, music, movies and a camera. What more do you need? If you look at how much room even the most lightweight laptop, plus a camera, plus a map or maps and an iPod take up in your luggage and compare that to your itty bitty smartphone and its charger, you will get quite a surprise.

Until the smartphone, the photo quality on mobile phones was low bordering on laughable, but now our phones are positively bursting with pixels, so that modern phone cameras can be just as good as independent cameras. Unless you are a professional photographer or a photo journalist, the high-pixel cameras available with Smartphones are more than enough to document your travels.

So many possibilities

You can even edit and upload your photos from your phone without even downloading them to a computer and laying a finger on Photoshop. Most Smartphones come with photo editing apps or if not, you can easily download one.

For entertainment, smartphones now have a crazy amount of memory and easily enough to store movies and enough music to keep most travellers happy for a wee while.

Plus if you are waiting in a queue somewhere or have nothing to do, you can use your smartphone as a reading device or play games on it.

The only downside of the Smartphone is that the battery time is short. But still, I wouldn’t travel without mine. The camera and maps alone (with my poor sense of direction) are enough to make mine invaluable. And if I want peace and quiet, I simply turn it off.

About the author


Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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