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Discover Travelzoo

Written by Paula

If you are someone who loves to travel, you may be interested in learning about Travelzoo, an online company founded by Ralph Bartel in 1998 in North America, which has quickly expanded all over the globe.

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What is Travelzoo?

Photo via Travelzoo

Travelzoo is a global travel deals publisher. They have 28 million members in different continents and 25 offices worldwide, where they work to publish amazing offers from more than 2,000 travel, entertainment, and local companies.

Travelzoo excels in what it does due to the fact that all of the advice and deals they offer on their website is a direct result of a testing process that allows them to select the best suppliers and legitimate deals. How do they do it? Using their innovate Test Booking Centre which works exclusively on verifying each deal before it is published on the website or sent to members via email.

Travelzoo members are always up to date with the greatest entertainment, hotel and travel deals because they receive a weekly newsletter called The Top 20Travelzoo‘s star product, which arrives in each member’s e-mail inbox at 11 am every Wednesday. Travelzoo‘s deal experts work passionately to find the very best deals in terms of price and quality, to be able to bring them to Travelzoo‘s members each week.

By notifying their members about the best deals out there, Travelzoo hopes to inspire people to take an adventurous approach to life, dedicating more time to leisure activities and seeing more of the world.

The company has 8 million members in Europe alone and it has offices in some of the most important European cities, like Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and London.

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Becoming a Travelzoo member: how to do it and what are the advantages?

Photo via Pexels

With such a professional, quality service being offered, it would be easy to assume that becoming a Travelzoo member came with associated costs but the reality is that it is absolutely free. You simply need to sign up on the Travelzoo website, providing them with your e-mail address, and you will start gaining access to a variety of insider personalised deals on hotels, cruises, vacation packages, flights, getaways, and entertainment.

The fact that Travelzoo has offices dotted all around the world allows them to access sthe best deals available, offering popular experiences such as a 12-day trip to China in 5 star hotels with a Yangtsé cruise for less than 1000€ per person, or a hotel near Angkor Wat temple with extras including massages and a tuk-tuk tour for 160€ for 2 people.

If you want to join Travelzoo for free, go to their website now and sign up. You can also check your deals on the go by downloading the Travelzoo app for free.

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