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Keys to Modern Interior Design

Written by Daniella

The interior of your home can be a reflection of your personality, your taste, and sometimes even your financial status. If you want to give your interior that special and sophisticated touch, discover the most important elements of how to design a modern home. After all, you will be spending a big part of your life there. Today, this article by ShBarcelona focuses on modern interiors, based on straight lines, elegance and simplicity. Are you ready to discover the keys to modern interior design? Just keep on reading then!

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Basic elements of modern interior design

Photo via Pixabay

If interior designers favour one type of interior design, then it is the modern interior design. This type of design suits practical, stylish and modern people, looking for flexible and functional furniture. A modern interior only requires a few, well chosen pieces of furniture and decorations of great quality and simple design. It should be in neutral colours and with pure lines. Excess should be avoided, and the best colours to apply are grey, earth tones, or any previous colour in combination with black and/or white. A modern interior feels clean, minimalistic and simple; less is always more. The founder of modern interior design came from the German Art School Bauhaus, which celebrated simplicity and functionality. A modern interior design is often blended with other interior design styles. And that is the main reason why you can find modern interiors, combined with classic, vintage or even rustic interior elements. In this mix lies the secret to turn a modern style interior into a style with personality.

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Photo via Pixabay

The key elements to modern interior design are the following: Minimalist style. The modern interior design style is closely related to the concept of minimalism; areas in your home look elegant and furniture is fundamental. Lines are pure, clean and simple. Less is more. Don’t overdo it with decorations. Geometric figures and functional and flexible furniture should play a key element in your interior. Light, and lots of it. Light plays a superior role in modern interior design, as it is a simpler style without a lot of fuss. Good lighting makes the few selected furniture elements stand out in each room. Natural light is always best, providing warmth and a natural atmosphere. But if daylight is scarce, use techniques to simulate natural light in your home. Two-tone. White, black, earth tones and gray are often the best colours for a modern interior. And although neutral colours are important, you can also add other, more vibrant colours in textiles, such as curtains, carpets or cushions. Also remember to keep paintings or photos modest. Simple, but elegant materials. This design asks for simplicity, and materials should be natural and efficient. Glass objects, furniture or sofas with iron legs and leather armchairs or carpets are characteristic modern interior design materials.

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