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Realistic tattoos in Barcelona

Two persons wearing tattoos on the arms and holding hands.

Tattooing is becoming more and more common and has become a sign of identity for many people. Tattoos are often graphic representations of things important to the wearer, whether related to loved ones, convictions, milestones in life or moral and ethical slogans.

Sometimes, on the contrary, tattoos want to reflect aesthetic details, beautiful and well-designed images that demonstrate the tattooer’s talent.

Realistic tattoos are a good representation of the latter, in which we can sometimes see authentic works of art on the skin.
Today, in this ShBarcelona article we want to talk to you about the best realist tattoo artists in the Catalan capital.

Discover the best tattoo artists in Barcelona


Woman wearing tattoos

Picture via Pixabay

At Logia they capture all artistic tendencies that extend also to the world of the tattoos and one of the most extended is the hyperrealism.

These are tattoos that go beyond reality itself and that usually have a considerable effect on those who see them, beyond liking or interest, they captivate people.

Some of the most widespread are those that imitate an opening in the body that allows us to see the inside, these tattoos are very related to the part of the body in which we decided to tattoo since in many cases it shows the inside of the human body, muscles and even organs, common tattoos also can be on the back and show the rib cage, on the chest to display the heart or tattoos on the arms that reveal the musculature.

Javi Granged

Javi Granged Mena is a tattooist from Barcelona with more than 20 years of experience, an artist specialized in realism, both in color and in black and white.

He can make any kind of style with impeccable results. As a perfectionist, he pays a lot of attention to small details. There, you will find quality, cleanliness and solidity in the lines. In addition, you will receive an exquisite treatment when carrying out your work.

Steel of Doom Tattoo

Steel Of Doom is a project launched with the sole objective of capturing and creating art in the skin. Initiated by Tony Atichati 4 years ago it offers tattoos of realism and currently has different artists who perform different styles of tattoo to offer a wider range of art.

Do you want a tattoo? Steel of Doom offers tattoos of realism, traditional, geometric, pointillism … Whatever style you have, contact them to start with the fantastic project that will be your new tattoo.

Barna Tattoo

Woman with tattoos on the arms holding a cup of coffee

Picture via Pexels

If you want to be tattooed by the best realistic tattoo artists in the world, you can do it with the resident tattoo artists of Barna Tattoo Bruno Salata and Emanuel Riffo or also with Max Ghostar or his friend Yomico, with whom they collaborate and visit their studio in Barcelona several times a year. Make an appointment and don’t miss the opportunity to tattoo yourself in Barcelona with these tattoo artists.

Marcos Caballero

Marcos Caballero is the tattooist for his own studio, Tattoo Studio Barcelona. He is a tattoo artist with 17 years of experience and inventor of New Tattoo Art, with the registered European trademark and protected “Smoke ink ®”.

This new art consists of digitally modelling smoke figures. Creating unique, exclusive and inimitable images, as well as in the integration, union and background decoration in tattoos.

He is also an illustrator, graphic designer, interior and 3D designer, technical draftsman and sculptor. Through his hands have gone from pencils and blurs to degrade paint brushes.
Also temperas, acrylics, watercolors, oil, pastels and charcoals, airbrush, paint sprays, chisels, gouges, epoxy resins or engraved hollow torculo. It is definitive, an artist in all rule.

Do you have any realist tattoos? Have you visited any of these studios?

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