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Painting Your Walls: Check out 2021’s 7 Colour Trends

lady with 6 test colours on the wall
Written by Daniella

You can see clearly in 2021’s interior trends that we are spending most of our time indoors these days. And as a result we are getting more serious about creating comfortable and cosy rooms, where we can even work from home or do sports. 

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Today’s blog article by ShBarcelona shares new colour trends for 2021 with you. Turn your house into a lovely home, and, if you are not happy with your current living situation, we can help you find a new home. But first, let’s start with the newest decoration trends.

Trendy colours to paint the walls of your house

One colour that has been a favourite for many, many years, that was also a trend in 2020, remains popular in 2021 for decorative purposes: painting your rental home in neutral colours make for a calm and peaceful home.

But make no mistake, because the shades of white may differ each year when it concerns neutral colours, so keep on reading to find out which shade is most popular this year to paint your walls in 2021’s most trendy colours.

light interior with wicker furniture

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1. Brave Ground

One of the world’s most renowned paint brands is Dulux, and they have announced that Brave Ground is the colour of the year 2021. This warm, natural shade mixes browns with a bluish grey, and it combines well with already established colours in our house: parquet floors, woodern window frames and beige doors. 

This shade of colour is ideal for your bedroom walls, and every interior design expert is advising to use this colour in 2021. 

Brave Ground reminds us of nature, and gives us the feeling of being closer to the outdoors, which is something we have missed a lot in the last couple of months. If you are looking to paint the walls of your home, this is one trend to follow up on.

photo collage of 4 interiors

2. Light colours

One of the new trends in interior decoration is the combination of light colours with different and interesting textures. This might seem easy, but this is not exactly the case, because these textures must then combine well with each other, as not to overwhelm your home completely with patterns. 

Our advice: try mixing lighter coloured furniture (like a light coloured wooden table) with off-whhite tablecloths. This is definitely a decorative trend for 2021.

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Lighter shades are the ideal colour for curtains, because they accentuate the light that is filtered through the window. It makes your room feel more spacious.

Besides that, they are also versatile, because when you change a few other elements with colour (like a vase or bowl on the table), together they give a totally new look to a room.

We believe that these lighter colours are great for furniture, like dining tables, sofas and lamps, as these neutral tones allow you to always switch easily to different interiors. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a classic or modern style. If you want a succesful makeover, mix some rustic elements with industrial ones!

Recommendation: If you are unsure what new colour to choose for your walls, pick an off-white, as it is still favourite in 2021, and you can’t go wrong with it!

3. Warm colours

The palette of oranges, yellows and reds has never ceased being popular, and these colours absolutely add warmth to the home. If you mix any of the warmer colours with the previous trend (lighter colours), then you will achieve to create a homely room immediately. Add a splash of colour with cushions, candles or other decorations… You will feel the room change!

Recommendation: add the following tones: mustard, powder pink and beige.

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4. Stone colours

In stark contrast with the previous two trends, we have stone colours. Shades like charcoal, slate or wolf grey give a room its own identity. 

Remember a few years ago, when wood was a much sought-after interior design element? Well, luckily these stone colours fit perfectly with this type of material. 

Greys have undoubtedly become a key colour when choosing carpets, because they not only look splendid, but also handle stains very well. 

Recommendation: bluish greys will become very fashionable in interior design in 2021.

yellow couch with grey chair

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5. Cooler colours in wood

This trend is not liked by everyone, but cooler colours are gaining popularity again, especially in wood and woven fabrics. They bring an element of freshness into your home, and therefore does quite the opposite of warm colours. If you combine cooler colours with fine and soft fabrics (like cotton) you will turn your room into an elegant and stylish space

Don’t forget that cooler colours do not have to be dark, so if you have an intense colour on your wall, try accessories in lighter shades to make a distinct difference!

Recommendation: every blue you can find on the planet: a light lavender, a deep, dark aquamarine, and everything in between.

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6. Dark walls

Interior trends in 2021 have revealed that a room can be painted in more than one colour. One wall can be painted in a dark grey to stand out, while the other ones are painted in plain white. 

The trend is mainly applied to divide a room into different user areas within the room. For example, in the living and dining room the wall close to the dining table can be painted in a darker colour, while the wall nearest to the couch will be in a different and lighter shade. 

Recommendation: Lately we have noticed that pillars are often painted in a dark colour, while the other walls around it have been kept light and airy. 

brown leather couch with blue wall

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7. Wallpaper with texture

The star of the show in 2021 is wallpaper with different patterns and/or textures. This trend can be seen particularly in bedrooms and living rooms. Are you finding it difficult to choose a new colour for your walls? Find an original wallpaper that adds personality to your home.

One of the most popular locations for wallpaper is the wall that has your bed placed against it. There is no need for a special headboard anymore, because a wallpaper will do the job just perfectly.

Wallpapering is also very easy to do, as you only have to hang them straight from ceiling to floor. It can sometimes even be cheaper than paint and less messy than painting a room.

Recommendation: a pattern with vertical stripes will make your ceilings seem higher, and it looks clean and structured. For those who dare: wallpapers with floral prints will turn your home into a place of tranquillity and fun in no time. 

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Investing in your home is always a way to improve on quality of life. Whatever trend you want to go for, make sure you turn your rooms into spaces you love being in and make you feel completely at home.

Research has shown that a clean and tidy home is more relaxed to live in, which reduces stress. ShBarcelona surely agrees that a renovation (or redecorating) always has a positive impact.

Will you be using one of these new trends?
Share your plans!


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