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Hotel Room Sharing App: Bringing cheap to the palm of your hand

Written by Enrique

Hotel Room Sharing App: Bringing cheap to the palm of your hand

Everyone is trying to get more bank for their buck. In today’s world who wouldn’t. Especially when trying to budget a vacation for more than a family of two. With technological advancements continually sprouting out of nowhere, taking advantage of saving some more money has never been easier. With hundreds of apps in the market that facilitate the way we shop it is extremely easy to find the perfect hotel for the right price.

Although a cheap hotel may seem to be the way to go, this may still be a bit expensive. If you travel extremely frequently hotel expense may soon be as much as a month’s rent. What if you could share the price of a hotel with someone on the same position as you? Well now you can. App developers Wade Ivy III and Carlton Langley have made this idea possible.

Sharing is Caring

March 10th of this year, the app “Roomedi” has opened the doors of room sharing opportunities to hundreds of individuals. The purpose of this app is so that like-minded travelers are able to share the costs of hotel rooms. This clever idea was brought to their attention after calculating the average price for hotels throughout the roomediUnited States.

Imagine you are at a three day conference here in Barcelona. The average hotel for a three day stance in Barcelona is well over $100 euro. Between airfare, food expenses and extracurricular activities this conference just became a $1,000 euro weekend. To many business starters this may be an immediate red flag since maintaining a travel budget of this sort seems absolutely impossible. This app will demonstrate convenience since a lot of business companies are supposed to cover most if not all of these expenses.

Stress begone!

This app was developed so it could relieve the demand for a reliable service for people that will allow them to share rooms and thus reducing the overall cost of housing expenses. This brilliant idea is not only supported by frequent business travelers but by their sponsoring companies as well. I mean there is no way a financial advisor or accountant will take a look at a weekly $1,000 travel expense and be comfortable spending such money, unless you work for a fortune 500 company of course.

Regardless what the situation may seem to be. Roomedi truly does provide a remedy for this escalating crisis. Now, no matter where the convention is, fellow business travelers can room and board comfortably with people that share the same necessities and perhaps schedules. This service will definitely help revolutionize the way business conventions host their guests.


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