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Rocambolesc, a new ice cream experience

Written by Christine

Watch out, Barcelona! There’s a new ice cream shop in town that’s quickly taking the town by storm. The shop is called Rocambolesc and it can only be described as a gastronomic dessert experience. Right inside the doors of the Liceu opera house you will find this trendy new heladería, right on La Rambla.

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Photo by: by onnoth via Visual hunt / CC BY

Photo by onnoth via Visualhunt

Rocambolesc is the creation of the Roca brothers, the team behind the best restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca. This restaurant, located in Girona, highlights many gastronomic techniques and adds a whimsical and magical element to the food that is served. Using this same creativity and attention to detail, Rocambolesc was born to serve up ice cream and frozen treats with a gastronomic touch. The original shop opened in Girona with two more stores that quickly followed, in Platja d’Aro and Madrid. Each shop can be found filled with customers every day, waiting in line to get a taste of ice cream that is truly unique and different from any other place. Not only are the flavors different but the toppings and the shapes are unlike any other.

Ice cream

There aren’t many flavors to choose from since there are about 5 or 6 in rotation at a time, but they are original and delicious like baked apple pie and mango and lavender. With gourmet flavors like these, it’s hard to choose exactly what to try. The first step when you get to Rocambolesc is to choose how you want your ice cream: in a cup, a cone, or a panete, which is like an ice cream panini made especially for Rocambolesc. After you choose the form you then choose which flavor and the size, followed by the choice of three toppings to bring it all together. This is where it gets really interesting, since nowhere else can you add mint-flavored sugar, dried lavender cake, or apricot sauce to top off your ice cream. The selection of toppings at Rocambolesc can be described as nothing less than a gastronomic delight. If you decide to try your ice cream as a panete you will have the extra delight of hot on the outside, cold on the inside.

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Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Since its opening in Barcelona, critics have been giving Rocambolesc great reviews for its high-quality ice cream and ingenuity. Its location in the heart of Barcelona makes it accessible to all in a well-known and beautiful area. Besides ice cream, you can also try gourmet popsicles that come in a variety of flavors and fantastic formations. They are so pretty you won’t want to eat them! Rocambolesc makes its own chocolate bars and candies as well so you won’t run out of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. So hurry up and get in line to be the next to try a Rocambolesc creation!

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