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Sculptural Furniture – Character and Art Combined

Living room with sculptural furniture
Written by Daniella

Designing furniture is usually all about the use of a piece of furniture and the comfort it must provide. So what’s up with sculptural furniture then? This type of furniture is actually more like a piece of art, and without losing its main purpose it adds aesthetic value to a room in which it is placed.

Today’s article is about sculptural pieces of furniture, and it is a popular element in Barcelona’s interior designs. Continue reading if you want to find out about three types of sculptural furniture and what they may do for your living room, or get some ideas on how to decorate your home.

What is sculptural furniture?

Sculptural furniture, as the name already suggests, is a style of furniture that makes you think of works of art. This type of furniture is part of a total of decorative elements in which a client may even wish for different styles to be combined.

As a material wood is often used, and that’s because wood is versatile and can be finished with different details. Other materials are also an option for sculptural furniture though. There are glass, metal, but also leather pieces of furniture, and by combining different colours and textures you will definitely manage to create something unique.

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The ideal sculptural furniture for your home

Sculptural table

Sculptural tables or side tables (and other pieces of furniture in this style) each have a distinct character, and a thorough study is involved before a furniture project of this kind can actually be realised. By using different materials and deciding on different shapes they can have an innovative look and feel to them.

Marble sculptural sidetable

Marble sculptural side table

You will find tables with a single sturdy and centrally placed leg higher above the floor, and with others there is a mix of, for example, marble and wood to create a certain contrast. Table models may even be geometrically shaped and break with the rules of what you think is normal. Anything you picture in your mind can be designed and built, so anything is possible. Many sculptural tables can even be adapted to match the decorations of your terrace.

Furniture designs with a sculptural character offer a wide range of options and styles, such as a traditional or a modernist style, but also the Art Deco style that can frequently be seen in Barcelona.

Sculptural armchairs

There are two trends when it comes to sculptural armchairs that can be bought nowadays, but the main element of each and every one of them is having comfortable and relaxed seating.

Minimalism, on the one hand, looks for fine lines with little other accents, as this allows you to create an open and uncluttered space. On the other hand, there’s this trend of going back to classic furniture resulting in interiors with more classic armchairs from the past. So these pieces of furniture lead to a comfortable and modern style of interior without forgetting the aesthetics.

Sculptural armchair

Sculptural armchair

That being said, it is always important to keep a certain balance between interior design elements in the room, both in size as in style. If you want the sculptural armchair to stand out in your room, for example, there is no point in placing other pieces of furniture in the same room that draw the attention away from the chair. So be aware of what you focus on while decorating your house, as large furniture or other eye catchers may compromise what your were originally aiming for.

Sculptural rack

The third and last idea for your living room is a rack with two (or  more) shelves. It can add an elegant touch to any part of the living room. With taste, elegance, and a sophisticated design, a rack with shelving can create a different look for that central meeting point in your home.

Sculptural rack

Sculptural rack

You have many options when it comes to racks and shelving. Some come in the shape of a ladder, while others resemble a tree. Other racks may even consist of different modules and these can be placed perfectly in front of a wall. What all of these racks and shelves have in common is being able to better organise your space and showing off your favourite decorations (photos, art, flowers, et cetera).

ShBarcelona's advice💡
Don’t overdo it when opting for sculptural furniture. Its aesthetic value is much greater than its storage capacity. The most important element is the piece of furniture itself!

As you know by now, decorating your house with sculptural furniture comes with great effect. You can surprise visitors by making your house look like the interiors you find in trendy magazines, and if you need any help with that, don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

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