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Olapic, a selfies Spanish company with huge success in the US

Written by Adriana

Olapic is a program that allows brands to interact with their customers through the pictures, and this simple idea came from two Spaniards, Jose de Cabo (32) and Pau Sabria (29 ) that met each other during a Columbia University MBA, and they have been working for 5 years now for clients such as Mashable, Pepsi, Wearhouse, Steve Madden, Vans, Calvin Klein, Guess, New Balance, the New York Daily 4.28.14.CalvinKleinolapic-thumbNews, the Chicago Tribune, or the Mavericks or the NBA. These companies use Olapic to enable its users to upload images, for example, at the bottom  of an online newspaper, sharing pictures of a game in a gallery or showing some clothes they purchased on a website. This creates engagement and closeness to the brand and original content that comes directly from the customer which is the main character.

According to the creators of Olapic, was necessary creating an interaction with users through images, not just text, there are lots of page visits there. The very first argument to “sell” this startup was the ability to upload a photo to attract more readers or visitors. The New York Daily News increased page views to news that had those pictures uploaded by 40% and tripled times that people share the news with pictures in their social media. According to Sabria “you only need a couple of good pictures for a news or a marketing campaign to be successful”.

The online clothing shop Asos committed recently to Olapic’s “visual commerce” so a user can instantly share a picture wearing the clothes they bought in this shop  uploading it to the website. Direct user experience encourages other potential buyers to purchase the product. Increases the famous user “engagement” with the brand.

When these entrepreneurs who settled in New York are asked their responses are very clear: in this city there are chances of finding funding so there is the good attitude of entrepreneurs and investors, all of them truly believe that they are going to “eat the world”. Perhaps the problem in Spain is that lack of attitude, we need to believe more and complain less.

Ultimately, a picture or a selfie uploaded in a website is a potential new purchase or customer or reader. ShBarcelona encourages you, as Pau and Jose did, to turn your ideas into realities.


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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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