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What is the “Red Emprendeverde”?

Written by Adriana

In 2011, the Fundación Biodiversidad under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment that works to preserve the natural heritage and biodiversity,launched Red Emprendeverde a network to promote businesses and activities for the preservation of the environment or that are sustainable. Nowadays, this network of “green” business has 4,000 members between entrepreneurs and investors.

fotolia_58194648_xsThis network supports entrepreneurs by helping them find investment through the right contacts, but also advising on the management idea considering new lines of business related to the environment and eco-innovation, and allows them to generate very interesting synergies between members. All this is accomplished through monthly meetings between those who are part of the network, incorporating training processes, successful cases presentations, and networking meetings. Apparently, “green”, sustainable and innovative initiatives in times of financial crisis are very valuable and have great potential due to its positive social and environmental impact in Spain and worldwide. Watch this video for further information of the network:

But you’re probably wondering, as an entrepreneur with an idea or a project that fits the Red Emprendeverde, which features this business must meet to join the network or be linked to it… Simple, a green company should help reduce polluting emissions to the environment, to reduce the consumption of energy or raw materials somehow, to avoid or minimize waste generation, to sell products that have minimal impact on the environment, to give value to the natural resources of a place with a sustainable use thereof or promote biodiversity care, both flora and fauna. You can work in many sectors, including tourism, if this is sustainable.

This network has created its own awards, the Red Emprendeverde Awards, which annually honors those green entrepreneurs who stand out for their contribution to sustainable economic activity and job creation in this sector, or eco-innovate to solve social problems related.

Some successful experiences within the Red Emprendeverde are Urgarbi, a service to improve the quality of surface waters in Bilbao, Waterologies, which sells portable water purification equipment, Ecozap, which manufactures shoes respectful of the environment, Slow fashion Spain, that design sustainable fashion, and a long etcétera.

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