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7 Cafes for Great Service and WiFi

8 Cafes for Great Service and WiFi
Written by Olivia

La contraseña de Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, por favor? An ever-present question, and often a prominent variable, in determining where to get that life-saving cafe con leche… However, it is sometimes unlikely to find the Wi-Fi password, and sometimes even less likely to find good service here in Barcelona. Great coffee is relatively easily accessible in this beautiful city, especially a cheap cafe con leche, however finding the triple threat: great coffee, great service, complimentary Wi-Fi, that is truly striking gold.

After trial and error, I have found seven places with the triple threat, and on top of the golden trio, a very attractive interior or terrace for studying, socializing, brunching, or just people watching.

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wifi cafeFirstly, the specialty is Portuguese pastries. You might be sold there, but wait, there’s more! The owner is one of the kindest and friendliest I have met in Barcelona. Ever-attentive, but not obnoxiously so, she pays careful attention to her customers. Amalias is small, but wonderfully open, with white walls, minimal interior decoration, a sweet sugary aroma, a handful of outlets, and great internet connection. The coffee is excellent, and they have soy and lactose-free milk options.

Location: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 132

Metro: Urgell or Hospitalet

Cafe Cometa

The ambiance in this restaurant/café is so perfect you may find yourself spending the entire day there! With walls decorated with local artwork, pastel colors, and mismatch refurbished furniture, Cafe Cometa is a gem in the blossoming neighborhood of Sant Antoni. The coffee is delicious, and they also have wonderful juices and an assortment of small plates and salads. 

Location: Carrer del Parlament, 20

Metro: Poble Sec


 Caravelle 12167365_10207563712349213_709344404_nis top on the list when it comes to interior design and cozy cafe. This Australian-run restaurant has fame amongst the food bloggers and hipsters crawling in the streets of Raval, and for good reason! Apart from some of the best brunching in the city, there is great coffee with oat milk, free WiFi, and good service. It is not the fastest service, but the chefs are phenomenal and incredibly talented, and the waiters are attentive and speak English! If you are looking for a brunch spot, I highly recommend getting there early, as it tends to be “the spot” come Sunday morning.

Location: Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 31

Metro: Liceu or Plaza Catalunya

Coffee with Bread

The title pretty much says it all: Coffee with Bread.  What else could you want besides bread and coffee? A kind and an attentive wait-staff? Free WiFi? A wonderful terrace for Sunday morning brunch? You’re in luck, because they have ALL OF IT. Although they are competitors of the super busy and popular Oma Bistro, I will always go to Bread and Coffee, just because the service is so much more enjoyable. They have Wi-Fi, outlets, and the best Caprese focaccia I may have ever had in my life.

Location: Carrer Consell De Cent, 225

Metro: Urgell

La Crocante

La Crocante is one of THE spots to bring your laptop, enjoy great coffee and delicious pastries, accompanied by friendly staff, Wi-Fi, and an ample amount of outlets. Their motto is homemade meals, and their empanadas and bizcohcos speak for the quality of their products. The best part about this place is the location and the tranquil clientele, tucked away on the peaceful and local street of Sant Pere Mes Alt. Come here to get work done, make friends with the owners, and indulge in some quality coffee and pastries.

Location: Sant Pere Mes Alt, 64

Metro: Urquinaona

Nabucco Tiramisu

CAKE!!!!Wifi Cafe! Tucked in one of the most perfect plazas in all of Barcelona, Vila de Gracia, you will find an ambiance that was designed for good coffee, cozy days, peace and quiet, and an assortment of delicious and healthy homemade pastries. The waiters and waitresses there are very attentive in contrast with the laid-back environment. On top of the superb interior decoration, the terrace is in one of the most quaint plazas in La Vila de Gracia. Inside or outside, Nabucco Tiramisu has been one of my favorite cafes to get some writing or reading done since I moved here, a year ago.

Location: Placa de la Vila de Gracia, 8

Metro: Diagonal

Onna Cafe

Although this list is in alphabetical order, I did actually save the best for last. I do not exaggerate when I say Onna Cafe is THE BEST coffee in Barcelona. With in-house roasted coffee beans, the little cafe is filled with a pungent aroma, and for once, the beans are not burnt! They have lactose-free milk options, healthy and multi-grain bocadillos, a great spot in the perfect neighborhood of Gracia, and of course, Wi-Fi and service. The waitstaff speak English and are extremely helpful. Although the coffee is a bit more expensive (1,90 for a cafe con leche), it is totally worth it.

Location: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1

Metro: Diagonal

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About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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