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Tips for Freelancers in Barcelona

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Written by Daniella

Barcelona is a perfect city for freelancing, and although the life of a freelancer is not as ideal as some people might think, freelancers do have a certain freedom and flexibility that allows them to work from home, the beach or a beautiful park. But there is one basic element any freelancer has to deal with, and that is organization.

Being organized, having adequate planning skills and not putting off till tomorrow what you can do today, would be basic qualities of being a freelancer. Today’s article by ShBarcelona will give you  some tips on how to be a freelancer in Barcelona.

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Discover the advantages of being a freelancer in Barcelona

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Barcelona is an excellent place for freelancers, and according to experts, the future of employment is more and more focused on freelancing, and not working for a boss with a fixed contract. A freelancer is a professional, who offers his or her services to companies on a freelance basis, and most freelancers are aware of the pros and cons of working this way.

Generally speaking, a freelancer is different from the Spanish autónomo, because he is a professional who is used to working on his computer from his own home (or any other place that offers wifi). Lawyers, architects, writers, journalists and photographers, among many others, are freelancers most of the time. Legally, freelancers fall under the same regulations as autónomos.

Barcelona, as already said, is an ideal city for freelancers and for many different reasons. First of all, Barcelona is one of the cities with the most startup companies, due to the entrepreneurial climate in Catalonia, the open-mindedness of the Catalans, the cosmopolitan atmosphere in the city and the excellent higher education centres.

These startup companies are usually founded by freelancers, and they like to collaborate with other freelancers on different subjects, like marketing, programming and engineering. In case you are wondering, there are many perfect tools for freelancing.

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Take for example Kanbanize. This tool can help you organize your work if you are freelancer, or it can be used to collaborate within your team. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or businessman and you are interested in this tool, you can visit the Kanbanize website and sign up.

Explore all the possibilities that tools like Kanban Software offer, as it is ideal for freelancers and people (but also companies) who need to organize large workflows. Sometimes a little help to not get overwhelmed by the workload is very welcome. It gives you peace of mind.

As already mentioned in the beginning of the article, a freelancer needs certain skills or qualities to be successful. He needs planning skills, he needs to be able to anticipate and he should work structured and organized in order to succeed, but when there is much work to be done, your (home) office can be full of post-its and chaos can come knocking on your door.

And that is because sticky notes can get lost, or they get stuck under your team’s shoes instead of remaining on the organizing board. Therefore, having an excellent organization is key to everything you do. You need this to deliver excellence to keep the customer satisfied and happy.

We would also like to recommend Personal Tablero Kanban‘s website. The software they offer will help you achieve continuous improvements of processes, thanks to additional functionalities that are included, like for example monitoring, reports and forecasts.

Are you a freelancer? Do you have any advice for other freelancers?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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