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Flyboarding in Barcelona

Written by Paula

The Flyboard was invented in the year of 2012 by Franky Zapata, a French watercraft rider. The Flyboard consists of a water jetpack attached to a personal watercraft which offers enough propulsion to make the board “fly”. If you have never seen a Flyboard before and are having a difficult time imagining it, picture yourself emerging from the sea, rising up in the air with blasts of water shooting from under your feet.

flyboard barcelonaFlyboarding is a huge touristic attraction in Barcelona, a city with an abundance of beaches bathed by the warm and calm Mediterranean Sea.

If you are looking for adrenaline and a completely different experience during your stay in  Barcelona, try one of the many businesses that offer this cool new water sport.

Lifestyle Barcelona 

Lifestyle Barcelona  is an agency that offers a variety of fun and original activities for tourists and locals. With this agency you can try interesting activities like a flash mob experience, a ride with FC Barcelona players, a Parasailing/Segway tour, a Fast and Furious Drifting Experience, and of course, the Barcelona Flyboard Experience.

Flyboarding may seem a little daunting at first, since it requires a good deal of balance, but with the help of an experienced instructor, you will be ready to fly in no time!

Lifestyle Barcelona is located at Carrer Mallorca, 260.

Flyboard Club Barcelona 

Flyboard Club Barcelona  was created by two water sports enthusiasts who wanted to share their newfound passion with the public. The club offers a 1:30/2 hour activity which includes a short class on how to use the Flyboard, fifteen to thirty minutes of flight per person, music and drinks. The activity can be shared with other clients or a private group of three to six people.

Flyboard Club Barcelona is located at Carrer de Vilarroel, 1, with meeting points at Port Fòrum in Barcelona and Port Ginesta in Castelldefels.


flyboard barcelonaBCNShop is an online service that sells tickets and packages for those who want to experience romance, good food, relaxation, adrenaline, nature, and much more.

The website offers the opportunity to buy a Flyboard activity package which offers fifteen or thirty minute-rides, which means you can purchase it and use the full thirty minutes or choose to share them with a friend, which will give you fifteen minute flights each.

This activity is organized by Corsa Nàutica, a company specialized in leisure activities.

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