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Sing your heart out! – Singing lessons in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Be it as a form of artistic expression, celebration or even a form of releasing stress, singing is an activity everyone engages in at one time or another, even if it’s just in the shower. In fact, there are benefits that come associated with singing, as studying music, in general, helps improve physical skills, refines discipline and patience, and helps people to get a boost in their self-esteem.

If you are one of those people that don’t miss any opportunity to sing and always wanted to fine tune “your instrument”, why not try some singing lessons in Barcelona?

Voz Viva

Photo via Pixabay

Classes at Voz Viva are taught by Olivier Charlot, an experienced teacher who has studied singing in France, Belgium, and Spain. Charlot‘s method is based on breathing and voice, resulting in a complete vocal and personal reconstruction. Voz Viva offers group classes or individual tutoring. The school also organizes workshops from time to time, both in Barcelona and Madrid. Visit Voz Viva‘s official website to learn the dates of the next workshops and how you can participate in them.

Voz Viva is located at Carrer del Rosari, 50.

Vox  Technologies

Vox Technologies offers singing lessons that are taught using the Speech Level Singing technique, which helps students to develop self-confidence, to increase the resistance, sound, and potency of their voice, and the ability to reach high notes. Vox Technologies offers basic singing lessons, Vocal Sherpa lessons, in which the teacher works directly with one student, Vox Tools, tools that can be used by students who have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, and Calentamiento Alpha, for those who need to prepare their voices for a concert, recording or casting.

Vox Technologies is located at Calle Arizala, 55.

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Espai Coriveu

Photo via Pixabay

Classes at Espai Coriveu are taught by Carla Aparicio, a professional vocal coach, and her team of instructors. This school’s singing lessons are aimed at helping the students reach higher notes, without losing control, and improving their voices without forcing them. The school offers individual singing lessons but also offers students the opportunity to join a duo or trio, or join one of their thematic groups. They even have their own Glee club! For those who are interested in something quicker, there are workshops and intensive classes.

Espai Coriveu is located at Carrer de Reig i Bonet, 6.

Vocal Factory

Vocal Factory is formed by a multidisciplinary team which offers great classes in a great environment, valuing diversity and encouraging dialogue among all the participants. Anna Valldeneu works as a singer, actress, and vocal coach. Filippo Fanò is a pianist and composer and has also directed and performed in a number of musical shows. Alexandra Morales is a singer and vocal coach, who is also trained in dancing. Filippo, Alexandra and Anna are the co-founders of the Vocal Factory, where they offer singing workshops and custom classes, and also acting classes.

Vocal Factory is located at Carrer de Mallorca, 192.

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Shine School of Music

Photo via Pixabay

The Shine Music School was originally founded as “The Shine School of Guitar” in 2008, aiming to provide quality guitar classes. It eventually branched out and now offers classes that teach students how to play instruments such as the piano, ukelele, clarinet and more. They also offer singing lessons in English, Spanish, and Catalan, for all levels. They teach singing in a variety of styles like Pop & Rock, Contemporary & Modern, and Folk. The school also helps students to train their voices for vocal exams and singing competitions with specific coaching.

Shine School of Music is located at Carrer del Montseny, 3.

Vocal Coach Barcelona

Vocal Coach Barcelona was founded by Maria Millet, who has been involved in the world of music since she was a child, with her father being one of the founders of the famous Orfeó Català. Maria has sung professionally in a variety of locations and has lived and studied in the USA, Brazil, and the UK. She teaches individual classes, shared classes, and offers vocal coaching. The first class is free so that people can get to know the school, the teacher, and the method.

Vocal Coach Barcelona is located at Passeig de Sant Gervasi, 77.

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