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7 Reasons to Live in an Apartment With Sea Views in Barcelona

apartments with sea views
Written by Adriana

When you think of Barcelona, the beach immediately pops into your mind. The city is next to the Mediterranean sea and taking a dive into the waves from the beach is absolutely lovely. That is why today we are discussing 7 reasons to live in an apartment with sea views in Barcelona. Don’t stop reading now!

Where to buy a property near the beach in Barcelona?

Picture the map of Barcelona? Can you locate Montjuic, Hotel Vela and Forum? Well, that’s a good start, because in your mind you have now captured the entire coastal area of the city.

Of course you can always rent accommodation close to the beach when you are staying in Barcelona, but if you would rather buy, then keep on reading, because we have news for you. 

Follow the route we have set out below, and we will take you on a tour along Barcelona’s 10 beaches:

  1. Sant Sebastià
  2. Sant Miquel
  3. Barceloneta
  4. Somorrostro
  5. Nova Icària
  6. Bogatell
  7. Mar bella
  8. Nova Mar Bella
  9. Llevant
  10. Banys del Fòrum


  • management of touristic apartments in barcelona


1. Solid investment

Investing in an apartment on Barcelona’s coast to then rent it out means you will bear the fruit from it during the summer months. This is a classic and popular option for doing some business in the city.

If you are looking for an investment, then the beaches of Barcelona are, of course, one of the most suitable locations to do so. The millions of tourists that visit the city each summer are always looking for accommodation, and they always want to stay as close to the beach as they possibly can. 

Buying an apartment that already has a tourist licence assures you of income from the very first day of renting it out. Most people that spend their holiday in Barcelona prefer staying in an apartment with views of the sea.

Generally speaking, rental prices in coastal areas are higher than in the rest of the city. And as a result, investing in tourism is always a good idea, but doing this near the beach proves to be even more rewarding then renting out tourist accommodation anywhere else in the city.

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appartement for rent near beach in Barcelona

Photo via Pexels

2. Also profitable after summer

Okay, so your tourist apartment rents out pretty well from May until October. But what about the rest of the year? We can assure you there will be no problem, as there are more ways of receiving rental income once tourists have left the city.  

As soon as the last tourist has handed over his keys again, you can also decide on renting out your apartment with sea views in Barcelona on a monthly basis. 

These are mostly furnished apartments that appeal to employees and students that visit the city to work or study here for a certain period of time. Normally speaking, these monthly rentals are mainly rented out between the months of October and June. Rental contracts last from 32 days up to 12 months, and it doesn’t matter what month the tenant enters the apartment.  

Don’t forget you can always start living in the apartment yourself. That is up to you to decide. You can move into your apartment any time you want. 

Will you be visiting a different coastal area in summer yourself? Lucky you! When you get back from your holiday, you will be collecting the profits of renting out your apartment to tourists, and then for the rest of the year you can be enjoying the apartment with sea views yourself. 

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apartment with balcony and sea view

Photo via Pexels

3. The beach – all year long

Whether you rent an apartment with sea views, or have bought one, living near the sea is always good for your health. Tourists may only be here for a week to enjoy the beach, but you could benefit from it maybe 7 or 9 months out of the year.

Barcelona’s mild climate means you can visit the beach every single day of the year. The only thing is, you might want to take a jacket when winter comes, but that’s it!

You can go for a stroll, fish, surf, snorkel, dive, swim, or go for a run on the boulevard. There are so many more options on the coast, that you really only start realising what those options are once you start living there. Sometimes the beach is only 100 meters from your front door. 

4. Apartment with relaxing sea views

If you decide to buy a sea view apartment, not only the characteristics of the place itself are amazing, because there is even more. 

You immediately get a relaxed feeling when you watch the beach and the waterline. The waves rolling onto the sand are calming to the body and mind, and this is not just something that we are telling you. Research done by Cervera López has also proven the effects of living close to the beach. You can read about it in this article in El País.

The article explains what happens to us when we are close to the sea. “The pure air, the movement and sound of the waves, and the sun’s rays take care of the body’s production of endorphines.”

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5. Pay attention to humidity and maintenance

Unfortunately it is not just good news. Something you definitely have to take into consideration when buying an apartment on the coast is that maintenance costs will be higher than when buying an apartment in the center of the city.  

Salt and coastal humidity can affect the building and even furniture. You must always look for rust, mould and if it is too moist in between the walls.

It is a matter of paying attention and reserving time and means to pay for possible damage done to the place. 

6. Taxes for beach homes

If you have an apartment that is near the coast, then you will probably have to pay a higher percentage of the IBI (IBI = Impuesto de Bienes Inmobiliarios). You should check how much taxes you are supposed to pay to the City Council.

Barcelona’s City Council’s website allows you to look up how and when to pay taxes.

7. Living near the beach and your status

We will end this article with something everybody already knows. Living on the coast of Barcelona will give you some form of status.  

Once guests pass the threshold of your apartment with sea views, their faces will light up. You take them over to the balcony and see the approval on their face. The beach is literally at your feet, and you can gaze over the Mediterranean and the horizon. Only a cool sea breeze on a warm summer night can add even more magic to an already beautiful moment… 

dogs on the beach

Photo via Pexels

Renting out or selling an apartment with sea views

You have now read on the 7 reasons to live in an apartment with sea views in Barcelona, and there is no doubt in our minds you will want your apartment on the coast. With financial advantages, the peace and quiet of the sea, and the aspect of status, we are convinced that having an apartment near the beach will be a splendid success. 

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