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Best Places For Adventure in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Love Barcelona? There’s a reason it’s a beloved treasure of Europe. Want to get outside and embark on something adventurous? The city and its surroundings provide plenty of opportunities for that. Besides the arts and culture, Catalonia is full of activities that take the intensity level up a notch. From impressive views of the entire countryside to speeding through beautiful landscapes, here are a few ways to find adventure around Barcelona.

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Rock & Mountain Climbing On Montserrat

Photo by esartee via Visualhunt

Drive an hour inland from Barcelona and you’ll find the rocky range of Montserrat and its famous surviving abbey down below. First climbed successfully in 1880, the range remains a popular and important place for climbers today. Visitors can join the daily climb on the range via one of the many groups and companies that work in getting everyone to their spot of choice. The highest peak is called Saint Jerome at 1,236 meters above sea-level, but the Cavall Bernat, at 1,111 meters high, is the more popular spot for climbers.


Hiking & Skiing in The Pyrenees

Photo via Pixabay

This stunning mountain range extends over 430 kilometers between Spain and France, rising over 3,400 meters above sea level. Its national parks are full of hiking trails that span from end to end, as well as shorter trails for those not willing to go the distance. In the winter, ski resorts fill the Pyrenees and dozens of spots for all winter sports line the mountainside in both countries. La Molina, Vall de Nuria, and Vallter 2000 are some of the most well-known ski resorts along the Spanish side. A Barcelona winter can be much more than just wearing a coat along the Mediterranean or crowding in with over 90,000 others to see FC Barcelona play a match.

Speed Driving

Photo via Pixabay

We’re not talking about just a simple rental car or a bike, but a vehicle that combines style and speed in one. You can drive a Ferrari around the Circuit de Catalunya, home of the Spanish Grand Prix, or a Porsche through the country roads and mountainsides, or even an H2 Hummer for bigger parties on the original  Grand Prix tracks on the curvy roads by Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys on the mountain of Montjuïc. This idea of getting behind a vehicle with such power is the specialty of a few of these businesses that can make your adventurous dreams of driving any type of powerful vehicle come true.

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Action and adventure can be found from the city center of Barcelona all the way out towards Catalonia’s borders and on any given day of the year. For both locals and visitors, a combination of air, speed, and stunning landscapes provide the adrenaline fix everyone occasionally seeks. Depending on your own likes, you easily find your perfect adventure with some of these activities around Barcelona.

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