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Horsing around: Where to Horseride in Barcelona

Written by Emily Elwes

Getting on top of a steed and wandering off into the blue yonder has been a leisure activity for humans for a century and once was the place of Kings, Princes and Knights. If you are visiting Barcelona, its natural topography is a great asset for horse back riders providing plenty of options for some of the best scenic views of the countryside and Barcelona from the surrounding foothills and mountains. This article will help you decide where to horse ride in and around Barcelona, with a short trip from a holiday apartment rental.

where to horse ride barcelona majestive viewsPoni Club Catalunya 

One of the best beginner riding clubs is the Poni club Catalunya, whether you are a child or an adult their beginning Introductory Course is the right choice for first-timers. The beginner class starts at 12 years old, so if there are younger family members, they have a Pony’s Tour that would be a great fit for the even smaller beginners. The Introductory Course is 3 hours includes basics on how to mount a horse, some practice laps in a closed course and a great nature ride through the Natural Park of Collserola with magnificent views of Barcelona. The Pony Tours is a great way to introduce children under 7 years old to the wonders of horseback riding with a 30 minute pony riding adventure sure to thrill the youngsters in your traveling party.

Catalonia Trails

If you are looking for a much more involved horse back adventure, have experience in the saddle and want to experience some of the most exciting and challenging riding of your life, Catalonia Trails provides a great service. Their horseback adventures are true vacation experiences that enable horse back riding amazing trails throughout Catalonia with various night time accommodations providing for a week getaway on horseback. Their base of operations are an hour and a half outside Barcelona so book-ending a stay there would be a great way to explore the horse back adventure with Catalonia Trails. With trips that explore the Brava Costa coastline, from the Pyrenees foothills to the coast of the Mediterranean, or follow the Royal Path Trail into Barcelona, each trail is a magnificent way to see the Catalonia countryside.

Living It

A great beginner to advanced program, Living It, offers a 5 hour round trip experience from Barcelona with everything included for under €100. Leave Barcelona in an air conditioned minibus, arrive at a secluded ranch just outside the Natural Park, get acquainted with your horse during a 20 minute arena ride then head out for 1.5 hours of riding pleasure through woodland, meadows and foothills. Riding equipment, lunch, tour guide, souvenir photos and transportation from a central Barcelona location is all provide in this all-in-one experience. Be sure to book in advance and ensure riders are at least 8 years old. This trip is available from any holiday apartment rental in Barcelona through public transit or short taxi rides.

Have you experienced the wonders of horse back riding through Catalunya? Please comment on your experiences and let us know how you liked it.

About the author

Emily Elwes

Emily is a freelance content editor & manager living & working in Barcelona. She's passionate about food, drink, language and collaborative consumption.


  • Nice article!
    I was in Barcelona last August and found These guys are great! Transport, amazing guides, terrific tour with beautiful horses and delicious lunch before heading back to Barcelona.
    Ah! We could shower the horses too! After a couple of days we received all pictures taken during the tour.
    I highly recommend LIVINGIT.
    I heard Spanish trails are also good. But I had no time to do their tours.
    Laura 🙂

  • Hi, is there anywhere that specifically has Andalusian horses to ride? And also somewhere that does day rides (a lot of places only seem to do the holiday deals)

  • Hi, I rode an Andalusian. I contacted LIVINGIT.CAT and they explained me about their breeds. So, Andalusian was my choice. Great experience! Thanks LIVINGIT 🙂

  • Hi, I read your article and I dicided to ride with . They are great!!!!!! Lovely horses. We rode in the Nature Park which is 30min away from the city. Nice lunch after the ride, too 🙂

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