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Día del Niño or Children’s Day in Barcelona

Written by Daniella

Children are our future, they are the people who will make the world go round in days to come. And childhood is a crucial part of life in the development of future adults, because children are like modelling clay. They can be shaped and molded while they grow up. Therefore the emotional, psychological and moral seed that is planted in each individual that will walk this earth, must be nurtured carefully. Society eventually depends on children to become responsible, kind and emotionally stable adults. And due to the importance of childhood in the life of each individual, and of society in general, the Day of the Child or Children’s Day (Día del Niño) will be celebrated in Barcelona on April 15. That is why ShBarcelona will give you some ideas on how to celebrate this day with your offspring.

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Spending Children’s Day with your kids

Photo via Pixabay

Children’s Day is a celebration that aims to reclaim the rights of children and the importance they have in society. This day is celebrated throughout the whole world, although it can take place on different dates, depending on the country or region. The importance of childhood is emphasized during this special day, a day that started being celebrated after the First World War, due to the drastic consequences it had on the civilian population. Of course, the most vulnerable human beings in war, children, suffered even more. Barcelona offers many options to commemorate this day with the (pre)teens and toddlers in your home, such as spending a day at the Barcelona Science Museum, ​​better known as CosmoCaixa. This museum was designed to bring science closer to children and adolescents, and it offers a multitude of interactive and didactic ways to entertain and educate children. The museum has several permanent halls and it also has an interesting swamp forest, that provides knowledge through recreating a small part of the Amazon rainforest, in which all the treasures of this unique ecosystem can be discovered. In addition, the planetarium will show children everything about the wonders of the universe. There are also workshops your children can do, and various temporary exhibitions to see.

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Photo via Pixabay

Another great idea, and your children will surely love you for it, is going to the Tibidabo Amusement Park and spend the whole day there. This amusement park is the oldest in Barcelona, ​​and although it is also the only one, it still captures the magic of old amusement parks. It is located at the highest part of the Collserola mountain, which provides magnificent views of the city of Barcelona. This park has everything you need to have a great time, regardless of whether you are a child or not. Finally, you could also take a walk and follow one of the Collserola trails. With a picnic at the Vallvidrera reservoir, a natural area that will quickly make you forget you are even in Barcelona, you will have enough energy for the walk back. As you can see, you can do many things with children in Barcelona.  It all depends on being well informed and using your imagination.

What will you do with your child/children on Día del Niño?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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