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A walk in Carrer dels Tallers – Part 1

A walk in Carrer dels Tallers – Part 1
Written by Paula

A lot of people have the tendency to go to the same places they always visit, to find the items they are looking for. But in Barcelona it always pays off to venture off the familiar path, going into smaller streets. That is the case with Carrer dels Tallers.


tallersBobibar is an establishment where you can try one of the trendiest drinks of the moment: bubble tea, a mix of tea, juice/milk, and small fruit or tapioca balls. At Bobibar you can try a variety of tastes like peach, strawberry, yogurt, chocolate.

Bobibar is located at Carrer dels Tallers, 5.

Camden Petits

Camden Petits is a store that sells alternative clothing for kids on their first months, to 7 year olds. From Star Wars t-shirts, to pin-up dresses and Nirvana onesies, Camden Petits has everything you need to make your child look modern and cool.

Camden Petits is located at Carrer dells Tallers, 5.

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Discos Castelló

In business since 1928, Discos Castelló specializes in music in different formats like vinyl, CDs, DVDs and merchandise, selling both new and second hand products.

Discos Castelló is located at Carrer dells Tallers, 7.

Pink Pepper

Prints, prints and more prints. At Pink Pepper you will find leopard skin dresses, army camouflage pants, zebra t-shirts and other articles with different prints.  

Pink Pepper is located at Carrer dells Tallers, 11.


Soul is an alternative clothing store that sells Goth items, pinup items, and vintage-looking clothes. This store is a must-visit for those who are I the market for beautiful and original dresses.

Soul is located at Carrer dels Tallers, 15.


Kling defines itself as a “pop-iconic fashion brand born in downtown Madrid, with a hearty dose of girlish, sixties and cartoonish style”. The brand sells skirts, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and accessories like purses, hats, and even hangers shaped like sheep.

Kling is located at Carrer dels Tallers, 16.

Retro City 

Carrer Tallers is famous for its alternative clothing offer and also for the number of vintage clothing stores in it. One of those stores is Retro City, where you can find anything from baseball jackets, to t-shirts, button downs and hats.

Retro City is located at Carrer dels Tallers, 23.

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