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The Mosaics of Barcelona

Written by Rachel G

Barcelona is a city of beautiful mosaics. In parks, on the street, or on the rooftops of beautiful buildings, it’s hard not to find gorgeous mosaic tile designs hidden in various spots throughout the city. Adding a pop of color to every scene, they make the atmosphere of Barcelona even more unique. Here are a few of the places where you can find some of the best mosaics of Barcelona.

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Park Güell

Photo by mmmyoso via Visualhunt

Park Güell is home to some of the most famous mosaic tiles in the city. Designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, the architecture of Park Güell is some of the most unique you’ll see in Barcelona. In the paid area of the park, you’ll find the iconic mosaic-tiled benches at one of the most picturesque viewpoints in Barcelona. The mosaics perfectly frame the panoramic view of the city and sea beyond, so it’s no surprise that this colorful area is one of the most popular spots in Barcelona for taking photos. Aside from the main viewpoint, the park is full of other mosaic designs scattered throughout the monumental zone.  The entire area is well worth a visit, especially if you love mosaic tile work or photography.

Casa Batlló

Photo via Pixabay

Also designed by Gaudí,  Casa Batlló contains some of the most beautiful mosaic tiles in the city center. It’s a perfect example of Gaudí’s use of a technique called “trencadís” that involves breaking up pieces of ceramic and mosaic tiles by hand and then putting the fragments back together with mortar. Gaudí used this method in a variety of different ways on the exterior of the building including the street-facing façade and the incredible rooftop.

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The Kiss of Freedom

Photo via Pixabay

Although it’s located in the city center just steps away from the Cathedral of Barcelona, this impressive mosaic mural goes unnoticed by many visitors to Barcelona. Originally put up in 2014 to commemorate the 300 years of history since the siege of Barcelona in the 1714 war, the mural is a collection of thousands of photographs pieced together to create the image of a kiss.

The artist originally asked the public to send him photos of a single moment of freedom and received so many in the end that he was able to create an entire mural from the photos in mosaic style. When you step closer to the mural, you can take a closer look at what freedom meant to each individual person who contributed to the huge mosaic.  The official name of the piece is “The World Begins with Every Kiss,” although it’s more commonly known simply as the “Kiss of Freedom.”

Address: Carrer dels Capellans, 16, 08002 Barcelona

Palau de la Música Catalana

Photo by _perSona_ via Visualhunt

Finally, the Palau de la Música Catalana located in the Born neighborhood is another impressive example of some of Barcelona’s most beautiful mosaic work. Designed by architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the Catalan Modernist style, the building is full of incredibly intricate details, both inside and out. The best mosaics in the building can be seen during the guided tour of the building which takes visitors up to the first-floor balcony, which might just be the most beautiful balcony in all of Barcelona. With colorful, mosaic-tiled columns and a picturesque view of the street below, the balcony is a must-see for mosaic lovers in Barcelona.

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Rachel G

Originally from the United States, Rachel has been living in Spain since 2014. After two years in Madrid, she moved to Barcelona in 2016 to pursue her passions in writing and photography. She spends her free time enjoying life in beautiful Barcelona and traveling around Europe as much as possible.

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