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Ice Skating in Barcelona

Written by Daniella

Ice skating is a very fun activity that can easily become a hobby, once you realize that you are actually not bad at it. It is clear that one of the essentials to ice skating is to maintain balance, but with practice and tenacity you can enjoy a very rewarding activity. You can see your level improving and you might even dare to do the odd trick. If you are in Barcelona and you want to go ice skating, read this article from ShBarcelona and we will tell you where you can.

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Slipping and sliding on the ice

Photo via Pixabay

First of all the team from ShBarcelona wants to give you a few tips for when you go ice skating. A very important thing to remember, is to choose the correct clothes for the activity. It is commonly known, that the outside temperature doesn’t represent the inside temperature of an ice rink. The ice rinks in Barcelona tend to have an average track temperature between 13°C and 16°C. We will recommend two ice rinks, that are the only ones that are open all year.  And that is why it is mandatory to wear gloves and it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes: long pants, a long-sleeved sweatshirt and, in the case of children under 10 years old, a helmet. Your ice skates, should fit like a glove to avoid accidents, and you should always use socks, not only for the cold and comfort, but also for hygienic reasons. Once you and your skates are on the ice, it is important to practice how to fall, to avoid hurting yourself when you lose your balance. If you are a beginner, help yourself with the bar as a guide, located alongside the whole track.

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Photo via Pixabay

Besides knowing how to dress and which skates to choose, the best thing to learn is to brake and to move correctly on the track. Another very important trick for ice skating is never to look down. You should always look ahead, as it will help you better keep your balance. It will also help to lean slightly forward and to lose your fear of falling, as you will surely fall many times at the beginning. Fear will ultimately bring you down to the ice more often though, and with trust you will see improvements much faster. Just try to move quicker once you get the hang of it, and you will surely develop safety skills and technique. There are only two ice skating rinks in Barcelona that are open all year round. The first is the ice rink of F.C. Barcelona, ​​located at Avinguda De Joan XXIII, without a house number. You can find excellent facilities here: a large ice rink, that allows you to have your birthday parties there. You can also follow some classes, to improve your technique. The track also has free parking, and you can rent gloves, skates or helmets at the ice rink. Besides the ice rink at F.C. Barcelona, there is another one, that is open all year round. This is the Skating Club, located at Carrer Roger de Flor, 168. It also has excellent facilities, and you can also count on this location for unforgettable birthday parties.

Where do you go ice skating?

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