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Discover The Serra de Collserola Borrell Reservoir

Written by Brian S

You can now get lost in the jungle just a stone’s throw away from Barcelona. Collserola is the green lung of the city and provides us with dozens of routes to discover one of the most amazing natural parks. Holm oaks, pines, willows, ash trees, and poplars, among other trees, are the silent witnesses of this natural space that gives us the opportunity to change the center of our well-off life in the big city. Changing the ground under our feet on winding paths in which discovering story places can be one of the most interesting plans for the weekend or a holiday. From ShBarcelona we talk about the Serra de Collserola.

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El Pantano

Photo credit: Premsa SantCugat on / CC BY-NC

“The Swamp,” literally, is the name of the route at the Can Borrell reservoir (Parc de Collserola), an area that can be reached by means of different routes around Barcelona and other bordering towns, such as Sant Cugat del Vallés. Crossing meadows, trails and forests will lead visitors to this atypical aquatic area, next to the Vallvidrera reservoir. The marsh is a mantle of shallow stagnant water in which a small ecosystem of its own with amazing biodiversity is made. There are joined aquatic plants such as water lilies and certain seaweed with amphibians such as frogs and birds that are placed before their migration in the winter.

Photo via Pixabay

The marshes of the Sierra are a protected space so that biodiversity can be consolidated and thrive, enabling trees on the riverbank to create shadow spaces or facilitating the edges of the swamp to be accessible to animals that cohabit in aquatic and terrestrial areas. It also protects against potential invasive species that may damage the ecosystem and protect the area from bad practices by visitors. It is not necessary to mention that these swamps are not suitable for bathing, they are places created to admire and enjoy, but always respecting the animals and the landscape itself.

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The Can Borrell

Can Borrell is a small cozy accommodation, located in the heart of the valley of the Pyrenees, by El Pantano, and perfect for hiking, skiing, and cycling. It is a family-friendly place set in a 400-year-old country house, where people can sit outside and make a delicious picnic or stay inside their restaurant an enjoy Catalan cuisine.

Have you made this route? What do you think of the swamp?

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