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Bookstores in Gràcia

Written by Paula

Although the ebook is fashionable, many people still prefer to read an actual physical book. If this is your case, why not pay a visit to some of the best bookstores in Gràcia?

Children’s and Young Adult bookstores

Skipper, Casa Anita, Maice Libros

bookstoreIf you want to instill in your children the healthy habit of reading, you can go to three bookstores in Gràcia which specialize in children and young adult novels: Skipper, Casa Anita and Maice Libros.

Atzavarra also offers this style of books but their collection is more eclectic, with Art, Design, and Architecture available as well.

Luz de Lula

A very interesting bookstore in Gràcia is Luz de Lula which is not only dedicated children’s literature but also organizes a number of activities like readings and book launch parties.

Fantasy, Fiction, Horror and Travel

Black Mask and Librería Guía 

Back to the adult world, if you are a fan of fantasy, fiction or horror, pay a visit to Black Mask. If you prefer a wider selection of genres, including travel books, Librería Guía is the bookstore for you.

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Specialty bookstores

Social movements and essays

For those who love reading books about social movements, anarchy, and historic essays, Aldarull and Memoria Librería are a must.

Second hand and books in English

bookstore 2If you a book shopping  on a budget, there are a number of second-hand bookstores in GràciaConsumicio Obligatoria offers used books in a variety of languages, while Hibernian Books specializes in books in English.

Self-help, culture and Catalan

To find self-help books in Gràcia go to Los Ángeles or Le Nuvole, the latter being an Italian bookstore and meeting point of the Italian community. If you are looking for books in Catalan, OnaAnticuaria Miguel de Pino and L’Aeroteca are good choices.

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