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Careers to start from home

Written by Shumin Zhou

If you are considering shifting from the mundane life of traveling to the office every day, ditching your boss and working from home, or better still, traveling the world while you work, read on.

If you’ve reached that point in your life where you’ve decided a remote working life and working your own hours is the right option for you, you’ll want to understand the ways you can finance that newfound lifestyle. We’re fortunate enough to have the internet at our disposal, meaning its easy to find work from various places online and to help you out, ShBarcelona has listed some jobs you can find in the masses right away:

Social media manager

With the exponential growth of social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter, many businesses want to know how to leverage those platforms to show their products and services off to potential customers. That’s where you come in. There are a wide variety of online training sources, many available free from places like YouTube, that will teach you how to build an online business as a social media manager, allowing you to look after the social media channels for your prospective clients. Many business owners simply don’t have the time available to post each day on social media, and most don’t even know what to post! Learn what makes people tick, discover where they hang out online, and use the power of social to bring businesses success, and ultimately make your own big bucks along the way!

Online language tutor

Thanks to apps like Zoom and Skype, it’s easier than ever to set up a virtual face to face video call, and if you speak a native language that someone else wants to learn, you could consider turning that skill into a career, offering online Spanish lessons and more using the power of video calling.

Photo via Unsplash

Video editor/creator

No, I’m not talking about leaving your home, getting a big expensive camera, and shooting a full-on movie for someone. I’m talking about offering a service to those that need it to use tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro or even Filmora to produce cool promo videos use content that THEY provide to you. In the same way, you could take an entire video your clients provide you, add some transitions, music, special effects, and bam, there’s cash in your pocket.

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Web developer

Let’s face it; everyone needs a website. It’s like their online shop window. There are always new businesses popping up in the world, and they need your help to create an online portal for them to showcase their products and services, and as a place for them to send their customers to show off the things they offer versus their competitors. There are a variety of online tutorials that could have you building a WordPress website within an hour or two, at which point you can begin charging your clients for their shiny new design.

Photo via Unsplash

Freelance writer

This last one is a fantastic way of earning a quick income when you first begin working from home, and thanks to tools like Grammarly, it means that even the less confident writers can craft compelling copy that stands out among the crowd. You will need a decent amount of time to become a freelance writer, and copy and pasting is a no-go as clients will often check your content for uniqueness to avoid plagiarism. Once you’ve understood these initial rules, you can turn you to blogging, ghostwriting, writing for websites, copy for magazines, and any other writing you can think of.

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Graphics designer

You can use tools such as Canva or Pic Monkey as free graphic design and editing tools to get started with graphic design work. Remember, I mentioned social media management above? You might work with businesses that require graphics to go along with their Facebook campaign, images for use in ads, graphics for use on websites, and more. See how it all ties in? The more skills you can master, the more services you’ll be able to offer.

Often, businesses like to see some examples of work you have completed prior to them hiring you. If you don’t have any samples to show them, you might consider writing an article, designing your own website, doing some graphic design or branding for yourself, or even taking on some less well-paid projects as a means to show off your skills. 

It makes clients feel much more at ease if they have a freelancer or contractor who is able to demonstrate their skills!


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