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The Best Way to do Holiday Shopping in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Christmas shopping, while fun in spirit, is also a headache-inducing activity for many people. With the exception of those who do their shopping ahead of time and take advantage of the best offers and absence of crazy lines at the stores before the holiday shopping boom, the majority of us leave the responsibility of holiday shopping until the last minute. Keeping in mind that waiting can by default cause prices for items to be higher, as stores raise prices closer to the holidays, there are a variety of ways to complete your holiday shopping in a way that saves money. Today in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be talking about the best ways to make your holiday purchases.

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Ideas for spending less on gifts this Christmas

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If you’re stressed about just how much money you’ll be spending on Christmas gifts this year, there are a variety of ways to shop cheaper as the holidays approach. Taking advantage of special offers and shopping at the right places can help you to save some money, so there’s some good things to keep in mind. One option is waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which endure throughout the weekend and into the next week following Thanksgiving. When it comes to savings, these are some of the most important dates on the calendar. Black Friday is technically an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has been implemented in Spain over the past years with high turnout and good profit results. This is celebrated the day following the fourth Thursday of November and offers huge discounts up until or even after the following Monday, known as Cyber Monday. This weekend can be the ideal time to complete some of your holiday gift shopping, as both physical stores as well as online stores are the first to apply these discounts. It can be a good idea to previously check out the prices of items you are thinking of buying and consider if the Black Friday weekend price is worth the pains of racing to get it before it’s gone.

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Another way to save money when it comes time to complete holiday gift shopping is buying gifts on platforms such as Amazon, where you can find a variety of new and used products for much lower costs than original retail prices. As always, it’s important to compare prices in different online stores and choose the most economical option for your budget. In any case, it’s advisable not to leave your holiday shopping until later in December since the later it gets, the harder it is to acquire the exact items you need, especially if it’s a newer item in high demand. For this reason, the most important pieces of advice when it comes time to shop online are to compare prices and confirm delivery times ahead of time since the holidays and high demand can extend wait times for items, and you don’t want to experience the disappointment of not receiving a gift on time after all the work of ordering it. If online ordering isn’t your speed, or you aren’t looking to mess around and want to guarantee that you’ll get the products you need, you can opt to complete your shopping in a physical store in Barcelona like El Corte Inglés, an affiliated company like Inditex or toy stores like Drim.

What other advice do you have for Christmas shopping?

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