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Garage and Storerooms for Rent in Barcelona

Written by Maryanne Kamau

Storage is often overlooked as an important element to a lively and happy living space. We can all agree that clutter never looks good in the house. If you’re a hoarder or simply have more stuff than room to keep your things in, then you understand just how valuable storage space can be. Similarly, the perks of having a car and driving it around busy cities like Barcelona are often heavily outweighed by the lack of garage space home.  This causes many people to opt for public transport in order to save time and money. To help you out with this, we’ve rounded up some places to check out if you’re looking for storage solutions either for your car or personal stuff in Barcelona.

Rental Space Search Engines

Photo via Pixabay

If you’re looking for garage space in Barcelona, search engines are a great way to get started. Popular search engines in Barcelona like idealista and fotocasa will start you in your storage search quickly. They offer a variety of listings and allow you to filter your searches based on your budget, location, and other features like whether or not the garage has a security system or private guards.

Gil Real Estate Services

Gil Real Estate Services is a real estate management company operating in the Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona. As part of their asset management services, they provide listings for available garage spaces for rent in Barcelona at very fair prices. Be sure to check out their website!


Also a real estate management solutions provider, Servihabitat offers listings on their website for rental garage spaces as well as storage rooms in the city of Barcelona.

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Central Trastero

Photo via Pixabay

Storerooms come in handy when your home or office space is not enough to hold all your belongings. They’re an ideal space to keep items that are not regularly used but cannot be tossed into a garbage can because they hold sentimental or monetary value. Central Trasteros pride themselves in offering the cheapest storage units. Their storage solutions can be tailored to match your space needs. They have several modules with varying sizes and features with capacities stating from 1m³. Should your storage needs increase over time, they can offer new units subject to availability.

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Maryanne Kamau

Maryanne is dreamer by day and thinker by night. She is a passionate individual, consumed by wanderlust.


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    • Hi Melina,
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