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What is Barcelona like throughout the year?

Written by Christine

While most people prefer to do their traveling in the summer when the weather is sunny and warm, Barcelona is a vibrant and magical place to visit any time of the year. Each season offers a unique array of festivals, holidays, and attractions. Whenever you plan on being in Barcelona, you are sure not to be disappointed!

What is Barcelona like in the winter?

Photo by Nacho Sanchez Beas via VisualHunt

Barcelona, like most of the Mediterranean region, is lucky to have a short and mild winter. You can still enjoy plenty of sunshine despite the chillier temperatures, which means that you can enjoy walks along the beach, a stroll through the city, or having a drink on one of Barcelona’s many terraces. Around the holidays the city is bustling with excitement and activity as people prepare for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Los Reyes, on January 6th. The city council organizes a parade on January 5th to welcome the 3 kings to Barcelona, in which you can see floats, hear music, and receive candy as it’s thrown out. If you want to venture outside of the city, the Pyrenees are a great place to try skiing or snowboarding and get some fresh air.

What is Barcelona like in the spring?

Springtime is a great time to do activities that are unique to Barcelona and Catalonia. In early spring you can go to a calçotada, which is like a Catalan-style barbecue. Calçots are a wild onion indigenous to the area, and in the spring it’s typical for groups of friends to get together to grill the onions and eat them dipped in romesco sauce.  It’s messy but a fun and delicious way to spend the afternoon. If you’re into museums and culture, you can take advantage of the Museum Night in Barcelona, which happens in late May. The city’s public museums stay open until 1 AM so you have time to see everything, and the best part is that it’s free!

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What is Barcelona like in the summer?

Photo by Joanbrebo via Visual hunt

Summer in Barcelona is beach season, as temperatures are high and the sun is out almost every day. Enjoy any one of Barcelona’s beautiful beaches, or travel up north to the Costa Brava to enjoy some of the most impressive coastlines around. You can try a variety of water and beach sports to get a bit of exercise or enjoy a cool drink at one of the beach bars. The celebration of Sant Joan takes place on June 24, so the night before you can enjoy fireworks at the beach followed by an all-night party. Throughout the summer months, various neighborhoods of Barcelona have their festa major, or local celebration. You can expect music, dancing, and corre focs. Groups of people run through the streets disguised as devils, shooting off small fireworks and waving torches. While it may seem strange, it’s a Catalan tradition that is loved by locals.

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What is Barcelona like in the autumn?

As summer winds down and autumn begins, take time to get out and explore the beauty of Barcelona’s parks as the colors change and the leaves begin to fall. Take a stroll through the city’s best-known green space, Parc de la Ciutadella, and see not only the natural wonders but the sculptures and monuments you can find throughout. You can even rent a small boat and paddle around the small lake to get a different view. Indulge in roasted chestnuts, the snack of the season, as you will find small kiosks throughout the city serving them up freshly-roasted for a couple of euros. September 11 is Catalonia’s celebration day, and later in the month, Barcelona celebrates the Mercé Festival, which includes a week of various activities like free concerts, food trucks, and fireworks, to name a few. Even though the temperatures are cooling down, Barcelona stays hot with activity all year round!

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