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Running Tours of Barcelona

Written by James

A running tour is a unique and exciting way to get to see a city, and allows participants the chance to exercise with others while becoming more familiar with the cultural highlights of the city. Barcelona is an ideal city for running tours as its architecture and rich history provide visitors with plenty to see, while the climate and layout of the city make it very suitable for jogging and running. This article will provide details on what to expect and will explain how to find Barcelona apartments for renting purposes.

Barcelona Running Tours

Running tours are an excellent way to see Barcelona from a completely different viewpoint, and will give you the chance to learn more about the city’s rich and vibrant history while exercising. The various running tours operating around Barcelona are all lead by an experienced running guide who will be able to provide you with valuable and insightful information about the architecture, culture and historic attractions found around the city. Such tours tend to be small in grouping, with usually six participants being the limit. This ensures that the guide is able to give detailed information about the attractions, and it also ensures that everyone is comfortable and capable of completing the tour as a group.

The distance of the tour and the attractions visited will depend on the tour operator you choose, and the time of year. All participants are advised to wear sports clothing and running shoes, and to bring their own bottle of water. People under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult for health and insurance purposes, and it is a good idea to arrive at the meeting point around ten minutes before the tour is scheduled to begin. This Trip Advisor listing has further details on tours, and the Running Tours Barcelona website has a comprehensive list of tours currently operating.

Renting in Barcelona

Finding a suitable leasing agent to rent from in Barcelona will usually be influenced by the amount of people in your party and the length of time you plan on staying in Barcelona for. However, if you choose to lease from a flexible letting agency such as ShBarcelona then you will be able to choose the length of your lease. This can range from a day, to a week, a month and right up to a year. As the company are flexible you will be able to find Barcelona apartment rentals suitable for you regardless of your length of stay. ShBarcelona also have a number of properties available to buy if you are considering

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