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The Great Outdoors in the Costa Brava

The Great Outdoors in the Costa Brava
Written by Olivia

With the current heat wave that is overtaking Spain, it is hard to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine that accompanies the Camping Costa Bravasummer. Trying to beat the heat in a congested city filled with slow-moving tourists is near impossible, especially when the outlet of Barceloneta becomes dirtier and dirtier with the progression of summer. The beaches are wonderful in Barcelona, but sometimes it is nice for a little getaway from the crowds and noises. I have found the perfect solution, especially for those who are craving the good outdoors, which are occasionally tricky to come by in a big city. I am referring to the absolutely breathtaking 156km stretch of the Costa Brava coastline, located in the province of Girona, just about 1.5-2.5 hours outside of Barcelona depending on where you decide to go. Although there are many places along the coast, I highly recommend one site in particular if you want to truly experience an escape from the city life for awhile: Platja de Pals and Begur. For those of you who want to truly escape the city life and indulge in Mother Nature, the campsite of Platja de Pals and the surrounding beach of Sa Riera Begur has everything you need. From campsites, to local beaches, to hiking, paddle boarding, boating, and even cliff jumping, you will find endless options to indulge in nature’s beauty for a weekend.


Camping in the Costa Brava

The place to camp in the Costa Brava is definitely Interpals. They offer bungalows, campers, furnished tents and regular tents. Unfortunately for the Costa Brava site they only offer the tents, but they have bungalow options in Mediterrani, Garbi, Llevant, Illa Roja, and Illa Meda. The camping tents in the Costa Brava location aren’t your average camping tents, though. These tents are fully equipped with two bedrooms, one with a double bed and another with three single beds, a kitchen, a view of the ocean, and shade! The only foreseeable issue is that they do not admit animals. It’s easiest to reserve your spot online, and the earlier you do it in advance, the more liberty you have to choose a suitable date.

Activities for Nature-Lovers

From the campsite, you can rent a bike and head down to the central beach of Begur in Sa Riera. From there, I would recommend hiking around on the comfortable paths that are provided on each side of the beach, also known as the Ronda Way; here you will find the secret beaches that the locals go to. On the left side (on the beach if you’re facing the ocean) there is access to excellent rocks for scaling, natural pools for snorkeling, and tranquil spots for fishing. On the right side of the central beach, you will find a perfect spot for cliff jumping

Cliff Jumping.

Cliff Jumping.

(do so at your own risk) . There are different elevations for jumping, depending on how much of a thrill-seeker you are. The path on the right side of the beach is quite long, and easily suitable for providing a good exercise. If you walk slightly towards the town, you will find a place to access SUP, or stand up paddle boarding. SUP is not only an excellent workout, but it is also a great way to access certain coves and pools that wouldn’t necessarily be accessible just by swimming. The rates are cheap comparatively to those you will find in Barcelona starting with an hour for just 14 euros. If the thought of standing up paddle around the relatively choppy waters of the Mediterranean exhaust you, there are also kayak excursions available.

What to Bring and How to Get There

The campgrounds do not provide bedding, just beds. Come prepared with sheets, blankets, pillows, and everything you would need to make yourself comfortable. The great thing about these tents is there is a full kitchen, so I would recommend going grocery shopping beforehand. They provide you with kitchen items, and on the website you can even find a list of general inventory that you will find in your site. You will pass a few wholesale supermarkets along the way, however there is a supermarket on the campsite if you forget something. You also will need to be prepared to clean the campsite to perfection, they tend to be strict and want to make sure their tents are in the condition they were found in. Realistically the only way to get to this campsite is by car, but I have provided a picture of the route that will take you directly there from Barcelona. There are also instructions and maps on the campsite’s website.

How to get to Platja de Pals

How to get to Platja de Pals

About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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