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Where To Buy Karate Gear In Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Martial arts, let alone karate, is a global activity that promotes self-defense and self-esteem. There is no place where karate isn’t being taught. In Spain, it is no different. Since the second half of the twentieth century, karate has blossomed over Europe with masters teaching the art in every major city like Barcelona. For those who are involved in karate and are looking for stores selling top quality gear, here are places to consider.

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Founded in 1992 – 25 years ago – Ikara began as a small martial arts store and has grown into a major supplier of many disciplines, including karate, for the city of Barcelona. With 2,000 different products in stock, Ikara has a variety of goods to sell to all Spanish and European-based customers and specialize in customizing uniforms and belts. There are also gloves, t-shirts, girdles, body shields for practices, and other accessories. Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and other forms martial arts are part of Ikara’s support for the entire sporting genre. Address: Carrer de Pere IV, 344, 08019 Barcelona, ​​Spain.


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In business for the past 30 years, Fujimae is known for selling a large stock of products of the highest quality of all disciplines in the martial arts range, from karate to capoeira to Thai boxing. Uniforms, belts, gloves, training gear, mats, shoes, and even various books on the martial arts subject are all sold. This includes an outlet for all outgoing stock sold at a discount. Orders can also be shipped; in Spain, all orders are free for over 50€. This is one of eight Fujimae locations in Spain and has stores in multiple European countries plus New Zealand. In addition, Fujimae has sponsored numerous local, national, and world championships. Address: Can Albareda, 5-7 (Pol. Ind. El Congost) 08760 Martorell – Barcelona.

Daedo Sport Internacional

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Since it began business in 1983, Daedo has been selling the best karate gear at the best prices to all karate artists. Daedo has shown their commitment to all practices and have been sponsors the world championships and supported athletes in the Olympics. Later this year, they will be a sponsor in he junior/U-21 karate world championships in Tenerife, as well as taekwondo world championships in London. They also sell equipment to boxers and mixed martial artists; everything broken down by the brand is available with the click of a button online or at their store. Address: Carrer de Balmes, 55, 08007 Barcelona, Spain.

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Karate has finally made it to Olympic status with its official debut in 2010 at its birthplace: Japan. It is a global trend that people have become part of at all ages. Even in Barcelona, thousands of miles away, karate is big and for those who practice it, these are places worth looking at for great equipment and even social connections to the global karate world.

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