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Nudist Beaches in Barcelona

Written by Laura

There are many beaches on Barcelona’s coast, but not all of them are nudist beaches. Nudism is a practice that involves living in harmony with nature, considers clothing as something foreign to the essence of mankind, and views nudity as an inherently normal part of being a human being.

This force has been gaining popularity in Spain, designating spaces for nudists to enjoy and avoiding judgment from people who aren’t comfortable with this practice. In the case of nudist beaches, there are areas along the coast where nudity is allowed.

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On the coast of Barcelona, there are many areas for nudity where people who choose to share their way of life can enjoy baring it all without complications. Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we discuss where to find nudist beaches in Barcelona.

Nudist beaches on Barcelona’s coast

Mar Bella 

Our first option can be found right on the coast of the city, directly on Mar Bella beach. This is a designated nudist and naturalist zones among the beaches of Nova Mar Bella and Bogatell.

sign saying no nude sunbathing

Photo via Pixabay

You can get here via public transportation on the metro if you take the yellow line and get off at the Selva de Mar stop. Or, you can take the train to the same location. You can also get there by bus by taking the 36, 71 and 141 lines.

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Sant Sebastià 

In Barceloneta, we find another ideal space for lovers of nude beach-going. It’s located right next to Sant Miquel beach called Sant Sebastià beach.

This beach is also right alongside Barceloneta beach. This beach has access for people with limited mobility, where there are volunteers to help them enter the water with water chairs.

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Del Coco – Badalona

Outside of the urban zone of Barcelona, we find Badalona beach, an area bordering Barcelona that is typically frequented by nudists. This is del Coco, close to the port of Badalona and the el Pont del Petroli.

beach on the catalan coast

Photo via Pixabay

Swimmers and sunbathers on this beach are as often nudist as they are not, and have services to make you more comfortable such as parking, bathrooms, and lifeguards. This beach is not usually crowded, making it an ideal spot if you want a more tranquil beach day.

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Naiara – Montgat

A little farther from Badalona, in the town of Montgat, we find another small nudist beach close to the towns’ train stop. It is typically frequented by nudists and is also fairly calm.

It’s called Naiara beach, whose name is owed to a nudist that was in charge of maintaining the area.

wide beach with beach goers

Photo by Thomas Hawk via Visualhunt

Ricarda – El Prat de Llobregat

Our last proposal for you, which is also close to the city of Barcelona, is found in the town of El Prat de LlobregatRicarda beach is a coastal area that is popular for going nude.

It has parking and busses every half hour from the El Prat stop. It’s not too overcrowded and is close to Barcelona.

Have you been to Barcelona’s Mar Bella nudist beach or the Barceloneta nude beach?
Share your opinion on nudist beaches in Barcelona with other readers!

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